Mail Shark has helped thousands of business owners accomplish their marketing goals and increase their sales. Don’t take our word for it, hear it directly from our customers in our video and written testimonials below.

Mail Shark Customer Reviews

Mail Shark Customer Reviews

Do our programs work? Just listen what our customers have to say! View video testimonials or check out our written testimonials below.

Dear Mail Shark:

Over the last 1.5 years, we have been utilizing your direct mailer oversized units in many of our markets. They have yielded tremendous results in many different areas we target including getting our catering into the faces of many business & corporate offices as many of those you cannot get past the front door in person, targeted demographics in residential areas as only certain demos tend to purchase catering or a higher priced meal from a QSR restaurant, as well as overall awareness to promote our Grand Openings (best part is, the last 2 grand openings we used this mailer for set all time company records! Top of mind awareness!) I don’t have the hard figures but would say we have mailed over 40,000 units with you successfully. Best part…we get the ROI we expected. Excuse me, best part has to be the life and world saver Allie Konnick. She is hands down the best rep I have dealt with in terms of reliability, consistency, courtesy, and follow thru. She knows her product inside and out and this allows her to answer all our weird questions on the fly. AND! She answers the phone usually the first time and if not, calls back in minutes without fail!!! It has been a tremendous experience overall and have recommended this to the other 150 operators I work with many times over. Keep up the great work mail shark. You swallow any competition I have dealt with whole! (Shark week TV ad I sure hope is in your future!!)

Stay blessed and thanks for all you do, especially you Allie,

Michael Adams, Regional Marketing Consultant from Port of Subs | Las Vegas, NV

Mail Shark has custom designed and mailed our Automotive Magnetic Postcards since 2015. The quality, attention to detail and timely communication has kept us coming back. We have been honored to work with Andy Mobilia, who is professional and listens to our needs, providing us with the best product for our budget year after year. Mail Shark stands behind their work and takes care of any issues that may arise with ease. In addition, they help us by sending out the latest information and samples, making it a more personable experience and keeping the expectations realistic. We highly recommend Mail Shark for any and all print and direct mail products or services!

Suzy Kochik, Office Manager from A&J Automotive, Inc. | Raleigh, NC

In the past year since using the Mail Shark for our direct mail advertising, business has steadily increased. The return on our investment is phenomenal. The team at Mail Shark is great to work with – they listen to you and tailor a program that really delivers results. The Mail Shark is the key to our marketing success. I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Ken Fox, President from Presto Pest Control

I am the owner of a pizza restaurant and we’ve been doing business with Mail Shark for about 5 years. They have amazing ideas and the best quality, and their customer service is better than any company we have ever dealt with. We have done Scratch-Off Postcards, Menus, and Flyers, and have always been happy with our results. I highly recommend Mail Shark for all of your printing and direct mail needs.

Nancy Guirgis from SheShe Pizzeria

I own a pizzeria and I have done tons of marketing with tons of different companies. I have always been disappointed by the results. So, when I first tried Mail Shark, I was skeptical and signed up for 1 mailing. As soon as my menus hit the mailboxes, I knew it. The phones were ringing, and the staff was busy! Customers were coming in to let me know that they received the menu in their mail box and they were loving it. So, I signed up for the box toppers and the same success happened again. Not only are the products of great quality, but the team behind Mail Shark is awesome, from sales to design to shipping. I have dropped all other marketing support I have used so far, and I am on board 100% with Mail Shark. Thank you for your professionalism and for helping businesses like mine reach out efficiently to their customers. Money well spent!

Geoff Domergue from Rotelli Pizza & Pasta | Boca Raton, Florida

We have been using Mail Shark exclusively for direct mail for many years now. Throughout this time, we have grown our AUV’s double digits each and every year. A core, consistent advertising program is the backbone to strong operations and customer satisfaction. Mail Shark has been a solid “backbone” and has helped us grow our AUV’s which has also helped us attract new franchisees and grow our brand even further.

Glenn Ajmo, Area Representative/Multi-Unit Franchisee from Marco’s Pizza

Since starting to use Mail Shark, advertising has gotten easier. We now own two stores in the Austin, Texas area and I would not want any other company for direct mail. The ease of payment and the schedule to keep our plan on track is great. Thanks, team.

Phyllis Kendrick from Marco’s Pizza | Austin, Texas

Thank you for all you do. Mail Shark is the best thing I’ve found for marketing after 20 years in business.

Jeff from Ramos Pizza

I just wanted to let you know we are VERY IMPRESSED with the results so far! It is incredibly obvious to me where the menus got mailed each week, because we are getting so many phone calls from new customers in that neighborhood! Thanks so much!

Katie from Dough Boys Pizza

When we open up a new location, we like to send out $25 gift cards to attract new clients. For our most recent salon opening I used Mail Shark and was able to send out 3 times as many mailers which generated over twice as many returns as we’ve received before!

Terry Mckim from Lords & Ladies: Salon and Med Spa

As A Roma Food Sales Representative, I refer all of my clients to Mail Shark. Their marketing programs are the perfect fit for increasing sales for restaurants. I love that I can refer Mail Shark and know that my clients will see increased sales which leads to increased food purchases…Everyone Wins!

Vinny Cannuscio from Roma Food

I first experienced Mail Shark when taking over a location I was buying. The previous owners started a marketing campaign with them that I needed to agree to take over. I was hesitant at first because I was paying for advertising that I had not personally vetted. After taking over the store and the mailing campaign, I was convinced that I needed to use Mail Shark at all of my locations. I have been using Mail Shark now for at least 2 years consistently and continue to see growth in sales. The saying “spend money to make money” is true. I give Mail Shark a budget of what I want to spend, and they mail out the pieces for me and keep it real simple. This has by far been one of my best investments in running my stores.

Mike DeNunzio from Marco’s Pizza | Florida

I took over a distressed location and my sales were at $5k per week. I was introduced to Mail Shark and within 3 months of steady mailings, my sales are now consistently over $13k per week. The mailings bring in new faces week after week, and then it’s my job to give them great service and great food. Using Mail Shark is a sure recipe for success!

Marty from Olyvia’s Italian Eatery | Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

The Mail Shark Program is like finding gold…our business was up 33% and it is a direct result of their program… the customer service is unbelievable. Talking to the other guys in the direct mail business is like talking to the wall.

Anthony from Parma Pizza | York, Pennsylvania

I just want to thank you for all you have done! So far we have tripled are business! Mail Shark was the best investment we have ever done. This is my 4th pizza shop that I have opened and my next one I will deff be using ur services…. THANKS AGAIN!

Sean from Bombas Pizza | New York

Mail Shark allows me to focus on what I do best, operating my pizzeria and looking for new opportunities to add more stores. I used to spend hours each week trying to figure out my marketing plan. Now with Mail Shark’s turnkey mailing programs, I can be comfortable knowing that I have a steady diet of great marketing that I do not have to be hands on with every week. It’s great to have a plan with a weekly budget that we can stick with and see great results from!

John from Papa Rays | Chicago, Illinois

As president of a small company and a retired Fortune 100 Controller, I have dealt with several individuals in many different companies, large and small, from janitors to presidents. I just want to mention I have never had better service from individuals in a company. In my opinion, Mail Shark is clearly one of the most efficient and flexible companies I have dealt with in over 40 years. In closing, I would like to especially Kevin Weidner and Amy Peduto. Both of you are exceptional. I really enjoy dealing with both of you. Keep up the good work.

Tony from Q&N Gourmet Products | New York

Received menus last night UPS. The look and feel of the menu exceeded our expectations. Excellent service. Thank you.

Text message received from a happy pizza shop owner | Gary from Connecticut

The menus look awesome! I wanted to thank you and your team for all the patience and hard work that went into getting them the way we want them. Also, thanks for keeping them discreet and not sharing them with other potential customers. If you guys are ever in town, stop in, lunch is on me! I’ll be in touch when I need to print more… until then, thanks so much again for getting these done for myself and my business. Have a great day!

Matt & Steph Giangiulio | Pennsylvania