Papa Rays Pizza & Wings

Start again. Hi my name is John Rayyan and I’m the owner of Papa Ray’s Pizza and Wings. I’m located in Chicago Illinois and I *laughing*. Honey stop it, were doing work in here. My name is John Rayyan and I’m the owner of Papa Ray’s Pizza and Wings. I am the owner.

Hi my name is John Rayyan and I am the owner of Papa Ray’s Pizza and Wings. We are located in the north side of Chicago. My brother and I opened our first concept in 2006. We started using Mail Shark in 2008 and ever since then our sales have increased by double digits every year.

We utilize the menus, the magnets, the postcards, and the online ordering for all three locations. We never stop, we do consistently. The only that changes with that is that we increase or decrease the amount of pieces per week that we actually mail out. I hands down think that it is one of the most successful marketing strategies that any other company has and I highly recommend for any pizzeria owner or restaurant owner in general because it really works. They do a lot of things there. They design, the mail, they ship to your stores for in store pieces, they do online ordering, they do menu engineering which is key because you don’t just want to flop together a menu, you want to actually have it make sense and be most constructive for the business. So they are really professional in that sense.

But most importantly when I call there and ask for help or I need a favor they are always there for me. I feel like it’s a real one on one personal relationship so that for me it’s very important. I just franchised the company so we are legal franchise entity and every single one of our franchises is gonna be part of the FTD is going to be that they have to use Mail Shark as their monthly and weekly mailings, as their marketing strategy and that’s it. I highly recommend them, what else can I say. If you want to contact me and get some more information, my brother and I are always available. So good luck and take care.

John Rayyan- Papa Rays Pizza & Wings – Chicago, Illinois

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