Parma Pizza

Hey how you doing? Good. It’s Danny DiStefano, the king of pizza here to pick up my Jaguar. Beautiful car, beautiful car. Come on, lets see what we got. Come over here. That’s far enough.

Hey there’s my shredded mozz! Ahh, you know how I can afford all this? Because I mail my menu’s through Mail Shark and I make lot’s of money by doing it.

But in all seriousness, my business has increased in my 21 pizzerias by 25% over the first year of doing business with Mail Shark. We mail menus, postcards, magnets, and all we see is increase in business volume, year after year, and it’s my own personal marketing consultants. All I do is sign up and they do all the work for me and I focus on the mozzarella. Capiche?

Danny DiStefano – Parma Pizza – Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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