Fox’s Pizza Den Plum, PA

This is Scott Sperlago doing a testimonial for Mail Shark. I’m at the Plumber Hyde Park location in Pittsburgh, PA, Ogen County. We have been using Mail Shark for the past couple months and in the first month we had decided to use the Wheel of Fortune method, which was up to three different types of prizes that you could do.

Within one month we got all these. This is about 300 scratch offs we received from our customers back to us. Feedback was wonderful, people love games as you can hear that is money right there! It’s probably another wheel. 30% increase in business, easily and we are still getting repeat business from customers we didn’t even have to begin with. This goes to every single house that you put in your zones.

They also make these great menus we have actually been using, very colorful, and they have great pictures that you can use for Fox’s Pizza to mail them with. They also have these coupon inserts that customers love. They always ask to use them even if the don’t have a coupon but of course we will do that for them. There is also coupons that come with the Wheel, that they can rip right off after then are done using those, so they can leave them at their house and they can use them over and over again. You get to decide what type of coupons they have on there.

I have been doing this for 13 years and honestly, this probably the best type of promotion thing we have ever done. We gotten best feedback from it and it’s only been a couple months. So I would suggest that using it or anybody that had questions or concerns about it. I wouldn’t have any because it’s been working for us wonderfully. We plan on doing another game sometime soon.

Scott Sperlago – Fox’s Pizza Den – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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