Fox’s Pizza Den Robinson, PA

Fox's Pizza LogoHi, this is Cindy, I’m from the Robinson, PA Fox’s Pizza Den just outside of Pittsburgh and just wanted to tell you what a great experience been having with Mail Shark. They have been so easy to work with, the get right back to you, everything is in a timely fashion, and they have come up with the most absolute beautiful menu for us and we are so excited because they are starting to go out this week.

We’ve done other things with them, we are doing the full year promotion and the best part that I like about that is that we are not getting on big 15,000 piece mailing, were doing 1,000 – 1,500 a week going out at once, that is so much more manageable as far as employees and influx of business, it’s a constant growth, rather than one big time shot.

So, if your not using Mail Shark, I highly suggest you try it. It’s a affordable way to keep contacting your customers and keeping them in the front of their heads as far as who do I want pizza from today. So, please give them a shot, I really recommend them.

Cindy from Fox’s Pizza Den in Robinson, PA

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