Cafe Rustico

Hey my name is Kiki and I’m the owner of an Italian restaurant called Rustico 85 Canal St in Boston. I found Mail Shark about a year ago and I wanted to revamp my whole menu in my restaurant and I started with Liz who is the graphic art designer there and she came up with a whole layout for a brand new menu. I sent them all the word and text, they made it so easy for me.

My experience with Mail Shark has nothing but wonderful, it’s been awesome. They made this experience a lot less stress than what it would have been. They have been very very patient because I have changed many of things along this year journey and they also, this is the finished product that I got today. It’s a tri-fold menu and its absolutely beautiful she put the picture of me on the menu. All old school chalkboard and catering on the back also and worked with Aaron who was wonderful and he did all my mail outs to the residents and businesses in they found in a mile radius with my restaurant so they mailed those out for me. And Liz also designed an in-house dine in menu which is front and back. So not for tri-fold. Everything came out beautiful and I would recommend Mail Shark to any other restaurant or business or owners that I know and I will be using Mail Shark again in the future. Thank you guys so much for all your help, wonderful job.

Kiki Delafano – Cafe Rustico – Boston, Massachusetts

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