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Lords & Ladies Salon LogoHi my name is Terry and I’m Director of Marketing for Lord’s and Ladies Salons, a 6 salon company. We typically sent out direct mailers for every time we open up a new location. Previous location back in June we had sent out about 7,000 direct mailers with actual gift cards inside of it. Response rate was not that great. On top of that we had a lot of our gift cards come in all at once and got a bit overwhelmed.

We decided to work with Mail Shark for our 6th salon opening which was in December and for actually less than what we paid for the 7,000 mailers before, we were able to send out 25,000 postcard mailers jumbo size with the perf on the corner where people can rip off the gift card and bring it in. On top of that Mail Shark was actually able to customize the mailing for us in the way that it went out.

We had took our radius and actually broke it down into the phases and were able to send it out direct mailers in phases with different validates which actually helped us out tremendously to the fact where we just had groups of people come in different days and different weeks and it gives us the ability to focus on customer service a lot better.

On top of that, besides the fact that we were able to send out more gift cards, more mailers, and for about the same exact price, our return rate was about twice as much as it was with the previous mailer. So with that said, I would definitely recommend Mail Shark for any type of mailing purposes whether it’s restaurants or salon whatever it may be, the customer service was great.

The design team was great and tweaking our artwork and making sure it worked better and giving us suggestions. So I definitely recommend Mail Shark and again this is Terry with Lords and Ladies Salons. Thank you.

Terry McKim – Marketing Director for Lord’s and Ladies Salons – Pennsylvania

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