About Us

Mail Shark is a direct mail marketing company that develops direct mail solutions for pizza shops, auto repair shops, dental practices, and more.

Our Team

Unlike other direct mail companies, we are real direct mail experts and printing experts. Our goal is to provide our clients with expert guidance from start to finish for the most effortless direct mail campaign execution in the industry. We understand the challenges businesses face: the importance of cash flow and the need for effective marketing that is consistent regardless of how busy you get. We create custom direct mail marketing solutions that meet our client’s needs and budgets and increase their sales. These solutions allow our customers to focus on their business, not their marketing efforts.

Our Approach to Direct Mail

Mail Shark WarehouseOur direct mail approach is our weekly mailing strategy. Mail to a portion of your mailing list every week. With no money down and a weekly payment schedule, this weekly mailing strategy has helped thousands of businesses grow. Their success is our success. We’ve been honored on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies report every year since 2012.

Our History

2008 – Founded by Brian Johnson to fill a void in pizza shop marketing. Mail Shark offers a direct mail solution that aims to solve many of the pain points operators have faced for 20 years. Affordable, consistent, professional, strategic, turnkey, and effective mailings began to roll out of pizza shops, and word quickly spread. Ten customers quickly became 100 customers, and Mail Shark was born.

2009 – Moved out of the founder’s basement into a 400 square foot office to allow for its first two employees to join the team.

2010 – Rocketing growth drives the company to move again. Mail Shark now operates from a 3,500 square foot office to allow for seven more employees to join the team. Mail Shark recognizes the value and importance that customer service, guidance, and strategic consultation has for its customers. They continue to invest in the customer experience to ensure campaign success and ROI. As a result, the business continues to thrive on customer referrals.

Mail Shark Building - Mohnton, PA2011 – Mail Shark’s expansion has reached new levels. The company decides to bring all of the printing and mailing production in-house. Mail Shark purchases the equipment necessary to improve and maintain the quality of work already provided to its customers. As part of this expansion, the company moves again into a 30,000 square foot facility to accommodate the new in-house production model and the employees required to support it.

2012 – 5 Years! The United States Post Office opens a location inside the Mail Shark facility. This post office will help facilitate accurate and timely mail verifications for the millions of pieces that Mail Shark is now sending on behalf of its customers. Mail Shark is honored to be named the #368 fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine.

2013 – Mail Shark reaches 35 employees and begins to expand its reach – supporting new industries with impactful, strategic, and affordable direct mail. A second printing press is purchased and installed to keep up with demand. Inc. 5000 recognition year 2!

2014 – Mail Shark reaches a new milestone! The founder’s vision to meet the needs of small businesses to reach their audiences with direct mail is a solid reality. The strength of his purpose and effectiveness of his strategy enable Mail Shark to reach $10 million in revenue in 2014. The company is once again honored on the Inc. 5000 list for the third straight year.

2015 – Growth continues. Mail Shark has now helped clients from all 50 states successfully market their businesses with direct mail and is honored on the Inc. 5000 – year number 4!

2016 – Mail Shark’s facility of 30,000 square feet, which originated as a knitting mill in the 1940s, undergoes expansion and a complete remodel. The building construction wraps up in December of 2016. It gives the team a completely renovated and more massive 60,000 square foot facility. The employees, now up to 60, are re-energized and ready to keep growing! 5th year on the Inc. 5000 list.

2017 – 20 new employees are added to the newly renovated facility to ensure the commitment to our customer experience and results is maintained. Mail Shark ends the year with 82 employees and hits another milestone with $26.7 million in revenue. Machinery and manufacturing expertise continues to expand at the same pace as sales, marketing, and customer service. Customer referrals are at an all-time high, adding year number 6 to the resume for Inc. 5000.

2018 – 10 years! Mail Shark adds a 3rd large printing press to keep up with demand. The company is now running a well-oiled multi-shift production team of extraordinarily talented and experienced workers. We expand our facilities by another 20,000 square feet so we can handle projects of any size from our national customer base. We’ve become experts at keeping up with our rapid growth and ensuring our customers never feel our growing pains. We continue growing our customers’ sales with effective and affordable direct mail, and they thank us by referring business our way. It’s a win-win, and we celebrate with our 7th year in a row on the Inc. 5000 list.

2019 – There are now 100 reasons to be confident in Mail Shark’s ability to help businesses across America grow their sales. That would be our employees! With this new milestone comes continuous growth in expertise on all fronts. With a work-hard/play-hard company culture, all of our sharks are passionate about ensuring our customers get a world-class experience and achieve their goals. Inc. 5000 achievement continues for number 8!

2020 – Here we Grow Again! Mastering effective marketing strategies for Pizza, Automotive, Dental, Furniture, and many other industry segments, Mail Shark continues to raise the bar of excellence on its promise to our clients. Direct mail continues to prove itself as one of the most effective marketing channels available to businesses. Mail Shark adds another 90,000 square feet of production space, giving it a total of 170,000 square feet to fulfill jobs of any size for its 14,000+ customers nationwide. We’ve added many hard-hitting direct mail products to our arsenal over the years, including the most recent addition of plastic postcards. We thank all of our loyal customers for trusting us with their marketing dollars and look forward to continuing to serve all of you with an unmatched level of service, expertise, and a continual drive to grow your business side-by-side with ours.

Why Partner With Us? BecauseĀ we get results.

Mail Shark’s industry insight and weekly direct mail strategy make us the best direct mail company to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today for more information.

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