Uncle Nick’s Pizza

Before I started with the Mail Shark, my business was struggling. I wasn’t bringing in enough money to market, but because I wasn’t marketing, I wasn’t bringing in more money.

I met with Josh and then spoke with my sales rep Aaron about my situation and explained to them that was my last opportunity. I had set myself a deadline and if I couldn’t make sales increase, I was going to have to close the doors.

Aaron assured me that he thought his direct mail program would be just what I needed. So I went ahead, signed up, and from the moment the first mailings went out, with the high quality menus were mailed to every customer in my area, I knew that I had made the right choice.

My sales almost doubled immediately. Since then, I actually received so much business that I had to cut down on my marketing in order to hire and train new staff. So not only would I definitely recommend Mail Shark to anyone, but I already have.

Thank you Mail Shark. I truly believe that you saved my business.

Nick Wrasse – Uncle Nicks Pizza – Port Charlotte, Florida

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