Frescot Pizza

Hi I’m George Taylor from Frescot Pizza in Johnson City, New York. What originally attracted us to Mail Shark was their 52 week mailing program that doesn’t require a big lump sum of cash to get started. When I called they were very professional, friendly, and really easy to work with and I’ve liked everything they have done for us from design to finished product.

These are a couple of the menu’s which the Mail Shark designed for us that we used in our mailings. The first year with them we saw nearly a 35% increase in our sales and we are now going on our third year. I like the fact of having one company handle all of our marketing needs on a weekly basis, without me having to micro manage it.

Right now the Mail Shark handles our mailings, menus, box toppers, and even our online ordering. Whenever I call with questions or concerns, the Mail Shark staff is very friendly and helpful and I truly believe they want to see my business grow. So if you have to choose who to use for your marketing, choose the Mail Shark.

George Taylor – Frescot Pizza – Johnson City, New York

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