Coopers Heating & Air

Hey this is Tony from Cooper’s Heating and Air. We started working with Mail Shark around 5 or 6 weeks ago and so far we have found that their customer service is very reliable, They given us ideas about how to do route mailing which has helped us save some money on postage and the way we originally found them was we were looking for a cheaper way to print postcards with magnets on the back. We found out that their printing price, standalone and via their mailing service, is the best that we have found anywhere on the Internet.

So, I would recommend them to anybody for printing or magnet postcards or for someone that is looking for a one stop shop for saturation mailing. They are one of the only companies that I have found that was able to give us a saturation type mail rate while excluding apartments and PO Boxes and businesses from the mail. We really are enjoying using them.

Tony Cooper – Cooper’s Heating and Air – Bainbridge, GA

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