Discount Liquor

Hello Kevin this is Amirsh Patel from Discount Liquor 401 Baltimore Pike, Bel Air, Maryland.

I wanna say something about your company. The last year I did some coupon and your company did mail for me to around 13,500 customers and I’m very happy because you guys did a real good, the service. And also, the customer service is real good. And also, the printing department does also they print real good coupons. And even my customers liked it and I increased my business.

So this year again I’m doing with you same thing, the coupon your company going to send for me to each customer home. You have good service and that’s why I came back. And also I have a couple more stores so once I do my discount liquor mailer then I am going to give you another store.

And also, I’m going to give to my friends, a couple of my friends to refer to your company so this way you get some more business. Actually your company had great customer service and great printing department, her name is Allie, she is also taking care of me good. So thank you for helping me out. You have a great service. Thank you very much.

Amrish Patel – Discount Liquor – Bel Air, Maryland

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