Bella Napoli Pizza and Pasta

My name is Guiseppe Cincinati, I’m the owner of Bella Napoli Pizza and Pasta in Campfield Ohio. I’ve been in business for 40 years and I never believe in advertising, with any kind of merit. I always believe that mouth to mouth advertising was the best thing. But after 39 years, I realized it’s not true.

I think that the Mail Shark it’s the way to go this day. I’m holding two menus here and the third one I don’t have, but I’ve been dealing with with this company, it’s called the Mail Shark for the past year and a half and my business has increased 30% in the past year and a half.

So I recommend to all business owner around the area, or around the country, to go ahead and work with the Mail Shark. They are a beautiful team. They work with you and they do nice printing job, nice coupons, and you can not go wrong. You really going to be happy with.

So if your business doesn’t do that great, before you turn yourself into the TV ads, where they can be expensive or any other kind of advertising, please trust the Mail Shark. It will take a bite out of your business. Bye.

Guiseppe – Bella Napoli Pizza and Pasta – Canfield, Ohio

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