Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Services

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a unique type of direct mail program. Created in 2008 by the USPS, it allows business owners the ability to send direct mail pieces without having to purchase a mailing list. Business owners can drop off their mail pieces to their local post office and their postal carrier will deliver their piece to every stop along their daily route. The Mail Shark team is expert in EDDM and our production facility prints thousands of EDDM mail pieces every week for our customers.

There are two options for using EDDM. Both methods require the business owner to register an account with the USPS.

  • Retail EDDM: Most local business use this option. No mailing permit is required and there is a 5,000 piece maximum send limit. Mail pieces must meet the USPS size requirements for Standard Mail flats.
  • EDDM BMEU: Short for “Business Mail Entry Unit”, this EDDM mailing option requires a mailing permit and additional paperwork. More size options are available but mail pieces still need to fit within USPS size requirement for irregular parcels, periodicals, and Standard Mail flats. There is no maximum send limit and the pricing is less expensive than Retail EDDM mail campaigns.

The main reason why people choose EDDM is because of the discounted postage rates and not having to purchase or rent a mailing list.

Is EDDM Right For Your Business?

Business owners need to weigh their options before they decide to start using EDDM. Mail Shark has created a comparison chart that shows the difference between EDDM and traditional saturation or targeted direct mail campaigns.

In regards to EDDM, consumer targeting can be a concern. Not all business owners need to send a mail piece to every address, PO Box, and business in a given neighborhood. If your business offers a special product or service, it might make more sense to move forward with a full service targeted direct mail campaign where you can select the people or businesses that receive your mail piece.

Since EDDM mail pieces do not require a mailing address or recipient name, pieces are marked “local postal carrier” which can make your mail piece appear as unwanted advertising or spam. With Mail Shark saturation and targeted mailings, your mail pieces are bar coded and scanned before they reach the USPS, ensuring they get delivered to the addresses you have paid for. With EDDM, it’s up to the mail carrier to leave your piece at every mailbox, PO Box, or apartment complex.

Another major concern with EDDM is consistent marketing. Business owners get busy and more often than not, the paperwork and legwork behind coordinating EDDM campaigns become too much to handle on a regular basis.

How to Setup and Send an EDDM Mailing:

  1. Setup an account with the USPS. (This is a one-time step)
  2. Design your mail piece and have it printed.
  3. Visit the USPS website and define your delivery area by specifying zip codes and carrier routes.
  4. Confirm all delivery costs.
  5. Bundle your mail and separate by carrier route.
  6. Submit your paperwork to the USPS.
  7. Drop off your pieces and paperwork at your local post office.

Doing this on a consistent weekly basis can be extremely time-consuming.

Lastly, there are limitations to the size of the mail piece’s you can use with EDDM. Retail EDDM requires the size to be within Standard Mail Flats which means you can’t use oversized postcards or brochures. For a complete explanation of the size requirements, we encourage you to read our blog post on 2014 EDDM mail size requirements.

Discuss an EDDM Direct Mail Campaign with a Mail Shark Representative