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Mail On Your Schedule with Our EDDM® Mailing Services

Every Door Direct Mail®, commonly known as EDDM®, is a direct mailing service offered by the United States Postal Service. This do-it-yourself direct mail option gives business owners the ability to pay bulk mail rates without having to purchase a mailing permit.

The USPS Every Door Direct Mail® program does require more work on your part than a full-service direct mail option. For example, you’ll need to select your mailing area, have your pieces printed, fill out paperwork, bundle your pieces by carrier route, and drop them off at your local post office.

Mail Shark Makes EDDM® Mailings Easy

To simplify what can be a complicated and time-consuming process, we offer two EDDM® service options that are designed to help you take advantage of our low printing rates while taking some of the work off your plate.

EDDM® Ready-to-Go

With EDDM® Ready-to-Go, we take care of the mapping, printing, bundling, and paperwork you’d normally have to do yourself. We select the carrier routes you want to mail to ahead of time, bundle the mail pieces, and fill out all the USPS paperwork. We then ship your pre-bundled pieces to you along with the paperwork, so all you have to do is pay the postage and drop them off at the post office when you’re ready to mail out.

EDDM® Print Only

If you’d rather handle the carrier route selection, bundling, and paperwork on your own, we also offer EDDM® Print Only services. We’ll provide free consulting on your EDDM® campaign to help you select the best piece for your needs while staying within the EDDM® mailing guidelines. We’ll then print your pieces and ship them to you so you can select your carrier routes, pay the postage, and mail them out when you’re ready.

Is EDDM® Right for Your Business?

It’s important to know the facts before deciding whether EDDM® is right for your business. The chart below details how our EDDM® Ready-to-Go and EDDM® Print Only services compare to our Full-Service Saturation Mailing. You’ll find that you get similar price discounts to EDDM® without all the hard work.

EDDM® Mailing Comparison

EDDM® is time-intensive for most business owners. You have to choose your own mailing areas, bundle your pieces, fill out paperwork, and drop your mail off at the post office yourself. While our EDDM® Ready-to-Go service takes care of the carrier route selection, bundling, and paperwork for you, our EDDM® Print Only service does not. On the other hand, our Full-Service Saturation option includes things like mail sortation, postage, and delivery to the post office, making it the most convenient way to do a saturation mailing.

Full-Service Saturation EDDM® Ready-to-Go EDDM® Print Only
Strategic Consulting
We make sure your pieces meet USPS mailing requirements.
Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Carrier Route Selection
We help you choose your carrier routes.
Checkmark Checkmark -
Bundling & Paperwork
We sort your pieces and fill out the paperwork.
Checkmark Checkmark -
Delivery to Post Office
We deliver your pieces to the post office.
Checkmark - -

Using saturation or EDDM® for your direct mail campaigns earns you some of the lowest postage rates out there. If you choose our Full-Service Saturation Mailing option, not only will you save on postage, but we’ll finance the cost of your direct mail campaign up front. This makes it easier for businesses on a tight budget to get started. If you choose either of our EDDM® options, you’ll have to pay for the print job up front.

Full-Service Saturation EDDM® Ready-to-Go EDDM® Print Only
Low Cost
You pay the lowest bulk postage rates.
Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
No Money Down
Mail weekly and pay weekly with no money down.
Checkmark - -

EDDM® does not require you to purchase a mailing list. Since there’s no list, your pieces won’t have addresses on them so it’s more difficult to ensure deliverability. EDDM® also doesn’t let you segment your list beyond removing PO boxes and business addresses. Our Full-Service Saturation Mailings help you stretch your marketing dollars further by removing business addresses, PO boxes, and residential addresses (such as apartments, seasonal dwellings, and drop addresses).

If you’re looking to reach a very specific audience, a saturation mailing probably isn’t your best option. Instead, you should go with our Full-Service Targeted Mailing.

Full-Service Saturation EDDM® Ready-to-Go EDDM® Print Only
Mailing Area Selection
We help you choose your carrier routes.
Checkmark Checkmark -
Basic Segmentation
Remove business addresses & PO boxes.
Checkmark Checkmark -
Advanced Segmentation
Remove residential addresses (like apartments, drop addresses, and seasonal dwellings).
Checkmark - -
We buy a list and address your pieces.
Checkmark - -

How to Do an EDDM® Mailing on Your Own

There are two options for USPS Every Door Direct Mail® mailings if you plan to do it all yourself. Both methods require the business owner to register an account with the USPS.

EDDM Retail®: Most local businesses use this option. No mailing permit is required, and there is a 5,000 piece maximum send limit per post office, per day. Mail pieces must meet the USPS size requirements for Standard Mail flats.

EDDM BMEU®: Short for “Business Mail Entry Unit,” this mailing option requires a mailing permit and additional paperwork. More size options are available, but mail pieces still need to fit within USPS size requirement for irregular parcels, periodicals, and Standard Mail flats. There is no maximum send limit and the pricing is less expensive than EDDM Retail®. However, you must send your pieces to your USPS BMEU instead of the local post office.

Steps to Set Up an EDDM® Mailing

  1. Create an account with the USPS
  2. Design your mail piece and have it printed
  3. Visit the USPS website and define your delivery area by specifying zip codes and carrier routes
  4. Confirm all delivery costs
  5. Bundle your mail and separate by carrier route
  6. Submit your paperwork to the USPS
  7. Drop off your pieces and paperwork at your local post office or BMEU

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