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What Mail Shark Delivers

Our weekly direct mail marketing strategy provides the ultimate flexibility to customize a mailing and payment schedule that aligns perfectly with your restaurant’s goals and budget.

Combined with our expert knowledge of restaurant direct mail, proven direct mail marketing best practices and lineup of both paper and plastic products, we truly set your restaurant up for success.

Weekly Direct Mail

Whether your restaurant’s goal is to acquire new customers or you need a customer retention marketing plan, our weekly Direct Mail strategy is the perfect solution to help you consistently and affordably accomplish your marketing goals.

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Restaurant Print & Direct Mail Products

All our products are available for print-only orders and full-service weekly direct mail. Whichever the case, we have a line of the most influential paper and plastic direct products to choose from.

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New Mover Marketing

Approximately 40 million Americans move each year. The new movers that have recently moved into your market have yet to establish a relationship with a local pizza shop. Our New Mover direct mail marketing is the perfect solution to target and attract them to your pizzeria before they go to your competition.

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