Fox’s Pizza Den Lynchburg, PA

Hi my name is Jay Hodd, we own the Fox’s Pizza in Lynchburg Virginia. Just wanted to give this video shout out to Mail Shark for the awesome job they are doing for us. Ever since we have used Mail Shark about 4 weeks ago, our business has more than doubled. Mail Shark is absolutely phenomenal with their product. Great professional. Down to earth. They know our business. They know what we need to do. The results with Mail Shark is just phenomenal at this point.

Just a little to go in a bit further, the professionalism we had with Mail Shark when we first contacted them with our sales rep was matched by nobody. We have used people in the past and it is just, they knew what we needed, they know what we want and it just one of those things where you know, you got to take a chance and take, let them take control a little bit and the put them menus out for us and it’s just phenomenal the way that they were very professional, they got it done on a timely fashion. Our turnaround time on our menus were like two weeks.

They simply would get results, however I never thought that we would be where we are at today 4 weeks into our program. The program that they are running right now is well worth every penny that we are spending on it. My opinion, if you’re not using Mail Shark your business is suffering. Thanks.

Jay Hodd- Fox’s Pizza Den – Lynchburg, Pennsylvania

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