Sopranos Pizzeria

Hi my name is Bill. I’m here with Soprano’s Pizzeria in Nashua New Hampshire. I just want to leave this testimonial for the Mail Shark. Been working with them for a little over a year now and I was always wanted to sign up with them but I just didn’t pull the trigger because I was doing other forms of promotion and you know, it’s tough to change.

But when I finally did decide to do it, I have definitely, my business has definitely grown every month. And it’s been over a year now and I do about 1,000 mailers a week and that pace works great because it doesn’t overwhelm you. Not like you do 5-10 thousand pieces and then you get killed on Friday and Saturday night and you need to hire extra people then the next week you don’t get that much because all the flyers went out on one week. What they do is, their pace, for especially if your doing direct mailing works great because it’s just like the little snowball effect. Get a little bit bigger, a little bit bigger, and a little bigger, and a little bigger.

And the menu they designed for me is awesome. I get people that actually call me up and tell me that they just received my menu and they think it’s one of the best menu’s they have ever seen. So when I get that phone call and it makes me happy.

But I definitely think you should give them a try and they are very easy to work with. They don’t pressure you on anything like trying to upsell you or anything and it’s very affordable because they don’t look for up front money, they just charge you every week so it’s just like a weekly expense and you know, like I said, I have done many forms of advertising and I give them the thumbs up and not changing with them for a while. So, just wanted to say thank you and give the Mail Shark a try. Thanks.

Bill Parish – Sopranos Pizza – Nashua, New Hampshire

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