Fox’s Pizza Den Carnegie, PA

Hi, I’m Jim, owner and marketing strategist for Fox’s Pizza in Carnegie. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about Mail Shark marketing. First thing I want to show you is the response we gotten from the scratch off’s they offered to us. Great ideas, this here is tic-tac-toe they also offer Wheel of Fortune game.

The beauty of these scratch off’s and all the marketing strategies they employ are the professionalism and the branding. They look just like our regular menu. The other thing that was great about what Mail Shark offered is addition on top of the scratch off giveaway’s is non aggressive coupons. They coupons here that we offer are very similar to our every day specials yet, they allowed us to give you a footprint out in the environment that was just as heavy, and you know, just as much traffic as the scratch off giveaway’s here.

The other thing that we also found that was great with Mail Shark compared to our bulk marketing that we did with some other newspapers ads and such is that we were able to schedule our employees for the ebb and flow of consistency that we got in the responses.

If I could give you on recommendation, I would say give Mail Shark a try from top to bottom, they are the best marketing strategy, and the best marketing company we have worked with so far.

Jim – Fox’s Pizza Den – Carnegie, Pennsylvania

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