Dino’s Pizza Pie

Hey I’m Joe from Dino’s Pizza Pie in Norwalk Connecticut. We were just getting back into the pizza business, we have been out of it for about 10 years. We opened up a small pizzeria where there wasn’t one previously so there was no existing business.

We thought the best way to reach out to our clients, our potential clients, would be direct mail. 10 years ago direct mail was very expensive so we were wary of being a new business of putting that money out there. But I decided that I would take a look around. After a lot of research and reading the forums I found out there was a lot of good things being said about Mail Shark.

I decided to pick up the phone and give them a call. I have to say that they were not pushy. They took their time with me. They went through everything, I knew exactly what I was getting into and the prices they quoted me were much less than what I was getting from other places. It was really a win win going with them. They had to make a new menu for the new pizzeria and they pretty much made the menu, actually the menu that I used in the pizzeria right now is the menu that I send around with our direct mails.

So it’s kinda two birds with one stone and it was even better because they are great graphic design team put the menu together, all I did was send them over what was going to be on the menu and the prices and then built this beautiful menu that gets delivered with coupons directly into people’s mail boxes. But also they cut the coupon part off of it and they send a bunch of over runs to me and I use those in my store for people that are dining in or looking to do take out at the counter.

That was one of the first things that made me absolutely fall in love with Mail Shark from the get go. I have to say that we’ve been receiving a ton of positive feedback from people who received the coupons in the mail. The coupons, what should be on the coupons, the deals, $2 off, $15 dollars were suggested to me from the staff over at Mail Shark with things they’ve seen work successfully in similar markets. There really is an analytical way that they go about doing your direct mail, it’s not just let’s massively saturate these areas, they have statistics and demographics on certain areas they use to create a targeted marketing campaign. They go a step beyond what you have seen, what you would probably would see, with other companies that do the same sort of direct mail.

The results have been spectacular. Being a brand new business, going from zero to hundred miles per hour overnight, you can’t just be attributed to our location and our great food. It goes a step beyond that, it’s because we are putting these menus, these magnets, these scratch offs into people’s mail boxes and they are opening the mailbox and seeing it. That’s how they are hearing about us and are coming in.

I love the fact that every time I come up with a new idea, like I want to target a different part of town or I want to expand my delivery route, I just pick up the phone and call somebody and they are there to help me with suggestions, or send over a map, work on the map, suggest different things. It’s a great deal. I don’t typically write reviews or certainly do give video reviews for all the companies that I use.

Actually you know what, I’m a little hesitant to do one for Mail Shark because I hope my competition doesn’t see this and pick them up because they have been my secret weapon in the industry. So I mean I have nothing but good things to say. If you’re thinking of giving them a shot I honestly would say go ahead and do it. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Joe – Dino’s Pizza Pie – Norwalk, Connecticut

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