Direct Mail Services

  • Targeted

    Mail to Specific Types of People
    Icon: Targeted Mailing

    Our targeted direct mail service is for businesses that want to pinpoint specific addresses or demographics, as opposed to blanketing the neighborhood. We’ll work with you to make sure we have the right audience, then we’ll do the rest.

    Everything Included - Targeted mailing list, design, printing, and postage.

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  • Saturation

    Mail to Most People in an Area
    Icon: Saturation Map

    Our saturation direct mail service is for businesses that want to mail to the majority of addresses in an area. We’ll work with you to choose the right mailing area, then we’ll do the rest.

    Everything Included - Saturation mailing list, design, printing, and postage.

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  • EDDM® Ready-to-Go

    D.I.Y. Direct Mail Made Easy
    Icon: Mailbox
    EDDM® Ready-to-Go

    Our EDDM® Ready-to-Go service saves you the time because we take care of selecting the carrier routes, bundling your pieces, and filling out the USPS paperwork. You simply drop the pieces off at the post office when you’re ready to mail.

    Most Things Included - Design, printing, mapping, bundling. Shipping quoted separately.

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  • EDDM® Print Only

    D.I.Y. Direct Mail
    Icon: Print Only
    EDDM® Print Only

    Our EDDM® Print Only service is for businesses that want to send direct mail, but prefer to do the carrier route selection, bundling, paperwork, and mailing themselves.

    Some Things Included - Design and printing. Shipping quoted separately.

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  • New Mover Direct Mail

    Mail to a Fresh List of New Movers Monthly
    Icon: New Mover Direct Mail
    New Mover Direct Mail

    Our monthly new mover mailing program targets people who’ve just moved into your area and are looking to try new businesses. Decide how many to send each month so you don’t go over budget, and we’ll handle the rest.

    Everything Included - New mover mailing list, design, printing, and postage.

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Mail Shark is a direct mail company that makes direct mail easy and affordable for business of all sizes. Our service options help you reach your customers anywhere in the U.S. on any budget. From strategy and expert design to professional printing and mailing services, Mail Shark can handle all of your direct mail needs under one roof. Whether you’re looking to target a specific audience or blanket the area around your business, we’ve got direct mail services to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

All-Inclusive Direct Mail Services

If you select one of our full-service mailing options, the price is all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees for things like design, printing, mailing lists, and postage. Here’s exactly what you get when you choose us:

What Does Direct Mail Cost?

The specific cost of your direct mail campaign will depend on the products, mailing list (saturation or targeted), and total quantity you choose to print and mail. For the most accurate pricing, check out our direct mail products section. You can choose any product you’re interested in and select one of the services we’ve outlined above to get a custom quote. Or, if you’d rather talk it through with one of our direct mail experts, give us a call. We’ll help you build out a campaign that works for your business and your budget.

Interested in Our Direct Mail Services?

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What Happens Next?

We’ll call you within one business day to get more information about the audience you’re trying to reach and the products you’d like to send so you receive the most accurate quote possible.

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