Direct Mailing Services

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise a business. Mail Shark offers three types of mailing services.

Saturation (Bulk) Direct Mail

Send a piece of mail to everyone in a specified zip code or carrier route. Mail Shark has the ability to exclude businesses, apartments, and PO Boxes if desired. To learn more, please visit our Saturation Mailing Services page.

Targeted Direct Mail

Looking to send your mail piece to a specific group of people or businesses? Targeted direct mail allows you to choose who gets your mail instead of sending your piece to everyone. To learn more, please visit our Targeted Mailing Services page.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Created in 2008 by the USPS, Every Door Direct Mail allows business owners the ability to send direct mail pieces without having to purchase a mailing list. Business owners can drop off their mail pieces to their local post office and their postal carrier will deliver their mail to every stop along their daily route. Learn more at our EDDM Services page.

New Movers Mailing Lists

Get to the new people in your area before the competition by using New Mover Mailing Lists to target the people that just moved into your neighborhood!

How do you know which mailing type is right for your business or promotion?
Contact one of our marketing specialists today for a free consultation. Call us at (888) 457-4275 or visit our contact page and a representative will reach out to you.

Here are a few ways Mail Shark can help on deciding on the best mailing option for your business.

  • Understanding the right audience and geographic areas for your promotion.
  • Choosing the best type of direct mail piece to properly relay your message.
  • Professional graphic design.
  • Formatting and organizing your direct mail pieces properly, so that when they are presented to the USPS, you will get timely and accurate delivery and lowest postage rates.

How do I make sure my pieces are being mailed properly and at the most cost-effective rate?
Direct mailing options can be a bit complex – you definitely want a certified USPS Mailing expert like Mail Shark to help make sure you are getting the maximum discount on the postage you are paying to the USPS.

Mail Shark USPSHere is an example:
You could mail everyone in a zip code and pay 16 cents for postage.
Or you could mail everyone in a zip code, sort the list by 5 digit zip code instead of walk sequence, and pay over 21 cents for postage!
Both of these methods will get your piece delivered, but one costs you 5 cents more. If you were mailing 10,000 addresses, this error would cost you $500 dollars!

In-House Post Office
Mail Shark has an in-house post office, staffed with an official USPS employee, to ensure that all our mailings are prepared in a manner that allows our customers to pay the lowest postage rates possible. It also provides peace of mind knowing that your mailings are sent in an accurate and timely manner.

Curious which type of mailing list is best for your business?

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