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Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise a business. Mail Shark offers two main types of mailing services.

Saturation (Bulk) Direct Mail

Send a piece of mail to everyone in a specified zip code or carrier route. Mail Shark has the ability to exclude businesses, apartments, and PO Boxes if desired. There are two main types of saturation mailings:

Targeted Direct Mail

Looking to send your mail piece to a specific group of people or businesses? Targeted direct mail allows you to choose who gets your mail instead of sending your piece to everyone. Mail Shark offers three types of targeted direct mail:

Choosing the Best Direct Mail Option

The direct mail experts at Mail Shark are trained to guide you through all of the nuances of creating a direct mail campaign so that your direct mail gets delivered on time, accurately, and at the lowest postage rate possible. Here is a list of details to consider when choosing which type of direct mail to use for your marketing or advertising promotion:

  • Do you have a specific audience(s) or demographics?
    Targeted Direct Mail is the best option for specific audiences/demographics.
  • Is your direct mail campaign sending to a specific geographic area?
    Saturation Direct Mail is best for targeting a large number of addresses in a specific area(s).
  • What size piece will you send? (i.e., direct mail postcards, menus, etc.)
    With Every Door Direct Mail, size matters. Your direct mail piece must conform to minimum and maximum size requirements to be mailed via EDDM.
  • Who will handle your direct mail printing?
    Each Direct Mail provider has a unique permit with the post office and it is printed on each piece they produce. Mail Shark cannot mail pieces with another provider’s permit printed on them.
  • What is the proper format and organization for your direct mail pieces?
    It is important that your direct mail provider understands how to setup you direct mail campaign before submitting it to the post office to make sure you get the lowest cost and incur no additional fees.

If you have specific demographic targets, then a targeted direct mail campaign may be right for you. If you want to canvas an entire zip code or entire carrier routes, then you can use either bulk/saturation mail or Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Bulk/saturation mail allows you to remove PO Boxes, apartments and other addresses that may not be ideal targets for your promotion or service. EDDM provides the fewest options and requires more of your time then either target or saturation direct mail. EDDM is usually the best option for businesses on a tight budget, and Mail Shark’s EDDM Mailing Service takes the hassle out of DIY direct mail.

What Does Direct Mail Cost?

Direct mail costs are based on how much (or how little) time and effort you save the USPS from doing once you pass your direct mail to them for distribution. You definitely want a certified USPS Mailing expert like Mail Shark to help make sure you are getting the maximum discount on the postage you are paying on your direct mail.

Improper Direct Mail Costs You More

You could mail everyone in a zip code and pay 16 cents for postage. Or you could mail everyone in a zip code, sort the list by 5 digit zip code instead of walk sequence, and pay over 21 cents for postage! Both of these methods will get your piece delivered, but one costs you 5 cents more. If you were mailing 10,000 addresses, this error would cost you $500 dollars!

Mail Shark In-House USPS Office

Lowest-Prices on Direct Mail thru Mail Shark

Mail Shark has an in-house post office, staffed with an official USPS employee. This ensures that all our mailings are prepared in a manner that allows our customers to pay the lowest postage rates possible. It also provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that their mailings are sent in an accurate and timely manner.

Interested in learning more? Contact us through the form below and an experienced direct mail consultant will get back to you.