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Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Advertising Options

We make direct mail easy for any business with affordable turnkey marketing services. Our direct mail service options help you reach your customers anywhere in the U.S. on any budget. From strategy and expert design to professional printing and mailing services, Mail Shark can handle all of your direct mail needs under one roof.

Whether you’re looking to target a specific audience or blanket the area around your business, we’ve got direct mail services to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Which Direct Mail Service Is Right for You?

The chart below compares our three direct mail service options based on affordability, convenience, and who you can mail to. Use it to choose the right program for your business.

Full-Service Targeted Mailing Full-Service Saturation Mailing EDDM®
Postage Included Checkmark Checkmark
Flexible Payment Options Checkmark Checkmark
Strategic Consulting Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Custom Design Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Mailing List Provided Checkmark Checkmark
Delivery to Post Office Checkmark Checkmark
Mail to a Specific Consumer or Business List Checkmark
Mail to Most Residents in a Carrier Route (Further Breakdown of a Zip Code) Checkmark Checkmark
Remove Business Addresses & P.O. Boxes Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Remove Residential Addresses (Like Apartments, Drop Addresses, Seasonal Dwellings, and Mobile Homes) Checkmark Checkmark

What Does Direct Mail Cost?

List, design, printing, and postage make up the majority of your overall direct mail costs. While most companies charge you additional fees for each of these components, we believe in a simpler approach. Here’s how we make direct mail affordable.

If you select one of our full-service mailing options, the price is all-inclusive. This covers your list, design, printing, and postage – all for one low price. Our weekly mailing strategy makes direct mail even more affordable by spreading your payments out over the weeks of your mailing. Best of all, you can get started with no money down.

The specific cost of your direct mail campaign will depend on the products and services you choose. For the most accurate pricing, contact us today for a quote. We’ll help you build out a campaign that works for your business and your budget.

Considering a Direct Mail Campaign for Your Business?

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