Fox’s Pizza Den Bridgeville, PA

Hi my name is Danielle and I’m from the Fox’s Pizza in Bridgeville. I have taken over the store about a year and half ago and one of the things we tried doing was all different kinds of marketing things to try to get people to know that we were here.

We struggled a little bit, what we would do is put out a big ad, we would get crazy busy, we would screw up orders, and then people would not like us! So we decided to do was to go with Mail Shark and what they basically did was a weekly program where we put about 500 menus for 10 weeks giving us 5,000 menus to our locals and then switched over to scratch offs and we gave people free breadsticks or free 2 liter with the purchase of a pizza, something basic to get them in our store so they could see us clean and what we actually look like and actually meet us for our customer service kind of thing.

The nice thing about them is they would charge weekly which means I could see, you know, the certain amount coming out of my bank account but I could see what my food sales was, my foods costs was that week based on the coupons and do my advertising costs to see if it was fitting in. Once that was done, we decided to do a promotion to see can we get something out there. We have been carrying gluten free which we have been carrying for a year now has taken very lightly and wasn’t very easy to do because we weren’t moving through products. So we decided when we did the magnets, to put on a gluten free special. So we put a gluten free at regular price, $8,48 for a personal pizza and then we started seeing them come in. Last month we sold them at 14 gluten free pizzas, this month we sold 35 and we would hope next month would be a little bit better.

So as far as results for Mail Shark, we have been very impressed and it has helped keeping things going with a good flow where we can actually give customer service to our customers. The greatest thing about Mail Shark is that they were easy and professional. I don’t have a lot of time to respond to things, I don’t like people calling me. But they would shoot me an email with a proof, I have about a month to change things and over the month they would continually change with me. After that it was pretty simple, they would send me a final proof and I would say print. Next thing you know, the next week they go out, they bill me every week and I don’t see anything.

If I need anything from them, probably within the hour I have an email back or phone call to me, whatever I need. But probably the most professional company I have ever worked with, very innovative and one of the best things we have ever done. If you questioning Mail Shark, you know, take it from me, I am a person that questions a lot of things but after being with them for about 7 months, it was probably one of our best investments.

Danielle- Fox’s Pizza Den – Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

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