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Restaurant Direct Mail

There are many ways to reach customers, but direct mail remains one of the most effective. One study shows direct mail generates 2 to 6 times more responses than all digital channels combined. In other words, a menu sent through the mail will garner more attention — and more revenue — than an email or text. Mail Shark can produce these pieces for you, along with a plan for mailing them to targeted prospects.

Why Should You Use Direct Mail for Your Restaurant?

If you own a restaurant, mailers are an ideal way to get hungry customers in your door. Getting your message to customers’ doorsteps by sending mailers offers several advantages:

1) Mailers let you advertise menu changes.

If you tend to change up your menu, mailers let you tell customers about it. In fact, mailers let you print lots of information about your restaurant — including information about reservations, takeout, nutritional information and even allergy information. Everything your customers need can be contained in mailers, helping drive more business to your restaurant.

Mailers for Hungry Customers

2) Mailers can contain your printed menu for takeout.

In cases where you offer takeout or delivery, mailers can be a crucial way to get your menu into the hands of hungry customers. Mailers can have enough space for your entire menu, including combos and prices, so hungry neighborhood residents can call you up for delivery or take out. With a detailed menu in hand, your offerings might seem far more appealing to customers since they don’t have to call to ask you what your options are. They can simply place their order.

3) Mailers are perfect for seasonal promotions.

If you have special menus for the holiday season, Valentine’s Day, or special promotions for any holidays, mailers are perfect way to let customers know. Just send your mailers a few weeks or a few days in advance of the holiday, and you can get families or couples thinking about booking a reservation or ordering from you.

Mailers for Seasonal Promotions

4) Mailers let you target the customers most likely to drop by your establishment.

Targeted Mailers from Mail Shark are the simplest way to market your restaurant business. Mail Shark takes care of design, printing and mailing so you don’t have to. In fact, Mail Shark can target your mailing efforts with precision. Whether you want to entice new movers who have just moved into their new neighborhood and want to find a new regular diner or whether you want to appeal to families, we can put your mailers in front of the right audiences. If you have a boutique restaurant, for example, we can ensure your mailer gets mailed to higher income neighborhoods in your area.

Direct Mail Services for Any Type of Marketing Program

When it comes to promoting your restaurant, you need colorful, eye-catching pieces to whet people’s appetites. You also want expert advice on where to send these pieces and how to get the most out of each mailing. Mail Shark offers both at a price that fits any budget. Furthermore, Mail Shark doesn’t take any money up front and we’ll spread your payments out weekly over the course of your mailing to help you from a budgetary and cash flow perspective.

Our designers will also create a custom piece for your restaurant, whether it’s a postcard with a special coupon or a full takeout menu.

If you’re not sure how or where to send your direct mail pieces, Mail Shark can help with that, too. We offer several types of mailing services depending on whom you want to reach. Here are a few of our options:

  • Full Service Saturation Mailers. With our Full Service Saturation Mailers we do it all for you from start to finish, design, print and mail. This type of mailer targets everyone in specific carrier routes that you choose. This allows you to get very strategic about the areas you are targeting without having to blanket an entire zip code. In addition, our saturation carrier route mailers offer the lowest postage rate provided by the USPS.
  • Every Door Direct Mailings (EDDM).  This do it yourself program allows you to target and saturate specific carrier routes by having you physically delivering the mailers to the post office yourself. We can provide you the printed material you need to execute an Every Door Direct Mail Retail program. You can then simply take the mailers and deliver them to the appropriate post office at your convenience.
  • Targeted Mailers. Our Targeted Mailer option allows you to define a very specific customer profile. We then obtain a targeted list to match the specific demographic profile of your choice and only those individuals are targeted.
  • New mover postcard mailings. These go out every month to new residents in your town who are still getting to know the area. Get them to come to your restaurant before they go to a competitors and convert them to loyal customers.
  • Personalized birthday postcard mailers. These mailers allow you to offer a free entrée, appetizer, gift card or item of your choice to anyone looking for a place to celebrate their special day with friends and family.

Attract New Diners with Eye-Catching Direct Mail Pieces

Promoting with Colorful Eye-catching Pieces

Mail Shark will print menus, promotional postcards, menu magnets with coupons, scratch off postcards, and other high-quality pieces. Our direct mail experts will work with you to develop a turnkey marketing program so you’re hitting your prospects with fresh, exciting direct mail pieces throughout the year.

We truly make it affordable to advertise your business with high impact direct mail pieces. You can pay a little bit each week, so you can maintain a strong cash flow and still enjoy the benefits of a year-round restaurant direct mail campaign.

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