Direct Mail for Retail Stores

Retail stores everywhere are competing for discretionary consumer dollars. Now, your establishment can drive more business both in-store and online through direct mail.

Retail store direct mail is a proven way to attract new customers and bring back old ones. Almost every person has a mailbox, which makes it possible for you to advertise your products and build your brand by reaching individuals in the comfort of their homes. Best of all, when direct mail is done correctly, it’s both efficient and affordable.

Mail Shark offers economical direct mail solutions perfectly suited for retail stores of all sizes. Our direct mail program works because:

  • It’s consistent. You’re not trying to achieve returns through single touch points. Every retail store direct mail campaign includes regular, scheduled delivery of your professional marketing materials.
  • It’s turnkey. We do all the work on your behalf as part of your investment. Our facility has the capability to not only print all your marketing pieces like brochures and postcards, but we can send them out as well. You just have to sit back and do what you do best: offer amazing products and service!
  • It costs nothing upfront. That’s right — you pay absolutely nothing to get started with Mail Shark. Even professionally designed marketing collateral items are free when you partner with our team. Instead of paying at once, your payments are set up over time. This allows you to get the benefit of your direct mail campaign without breaking your budget.

Fill out the information form online, and one of our Mail Shark direct mail account specialists will be in touch to talk about boosting your revenue. Discover the power of consistently-delivered retail store direct mail today!

Direct Mail Choices for Every Retail Store

There are three distinctive types of direct mail options for your campaign. You may choose to use one or more of them as a way of increasing foot or web traffic, improving your brand image and/or introducing your merchandise to the community you serve:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail. You are probably familiar with Saturation Bulk Mail. Essentially, the U.S. Postal Service allows you to send out large quantities of mail pieces like flyers and postcards to every mailbox within a specific — and typically large — geographic area. Saturation Bulk Mail works very well to make an immediate impact, especially if you’re not trying to target a narrow population.
  • EDDM. Every Door Direct Mail, EDDM, is a newer offering from the U.S. Postal Service. Like Saturation Bulk Mail, EDDM involves a blanket delivery of your marketing pieces. However, the marketing pieces are delivered by postal carriers on their neighborhood routes. This allows you to concentrate your direct mail marketing in a smaller area, such as a series of affluent developments or residential markets.
  • Targeted Direct Mail. This is the most strategic of all direct mail solutions. With Targeted Direct Mail, you use previously-curated lists of names and addresses to send a very personalized message. For instance, if you are trying to build your millennial customer base, you may want to send to only people in your region who are below age 35. When combined with effective marketing materials, Targeted Direct Mail can produce significant returns.

Give More Details With Retail Store Brochures

Brochures are a fantastic way for you to talk about your retail store. As a type of mailer, brochures can be sent as standalone items through direct mail. Every person you target will receive your retail store brochures on a consistent basis. Over time, your company’s brand will be highly recognizable.

Use your postcard mailer to get closer to your objectives, such as to introduce a new product or to spread coupons throughout the community.

Simplicity Is Bold With Professional Retail Store Postcards

Many Mail Shark clients like to use postcards as a type of mailer format. Each of our Mail Shark postcards is larger than the average postcard size, making it stand out when it hits your prospective customers’ mailboxes.

Postcards are a simple way to talk about new merchandise, invite people to an open house or other event and pass out a special, limited-time promo offer.

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