Direct Mail for Jewelry Stores

Jewelers across the nation are facing the same goal: to encourage more people to become loyal, long-term customers. This objective can be met in many ways, including through proven marketing techniques such as direct mail.

Direct mail is not a novel concept. It has been used successfully by other jewelers. Unfortunately, many stores do not know how to map out a direct mail strategy that can predictably bring in a significant return on investment.

At Mail Shark, our focus is on delivering direct mail results for jeweler clients. Our direct mail solutions have brought stellar outcomes for our customers for several reasons:

  • We aim for consistency. True direct mail marketing has to be consistent. The more often your prospective customers see your brand image, the more likely they are to choose your jewelry location or stop by your website.
  • We make direct mail affordable. It doesn’t matter if you have a small jewelry store or are part of a major national franchise. We require no money to get started on your jeweler direct mail marketing campaign. This allows you to pay on a weekly basis, enjoying the fruits of the direct mail while you’re making incremental payments.
  • We offer a turnkey solution. No time to work on your direct mail? No problem. Our in-house team of account executives, graphic designers, and other experts is primed to do all the work on your behalf. From creating customized marketing materials for free to printing and sending them, we do it all. This allows you to spend your time building your business and making your customers happier.

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Direct Mail Solutions That Fit Jewelers’ Needs

Direct mail is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. At Mail Shark, we take your business goals into consideration when helping you develop a direct mail campaign built specifically for your needs and target audience.

Three U.S. Postal Service direct mail options that can help you raise awareness and lead generation include:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail. This type of mail is delivered to a large territory governed by postal codes. When you send a brochure or postcard through Saturation Bulk Mail, it is sent to every mailbox within the code. This gives your jewelry location an immediate “splash” in the marketplace. Saturation Bulk Mail is the least costly of all mail types, mainly because it is not targeted toward any particular prospects. Make sure any direct mail marketing collateral you send via Saturation Bulk Mail is generalized to appeal to a broad audience.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is a newer offering by the U.S. Postal Service. Like Saturation Bulk Mail, EDDM enables you to blanket an area. However, with EDDM, the area is limited to a postal carrier’s route. The postal carrier is given enough of your marketing items to put in each mailbox along the route. EDDM is a fantastic way to saturate a particular community or neighborhood, such as an upscale residential development. It’s cost-effective and provides you with a stream of strong prospects from a pinpointed territory.
  • Targeted Direct Mail. With Targeted Direct Mail, you only send your marketing brochures, flyers and more to prospective customers who fit a pre-arranged demographic. We will help you find lists with names and addresses of people fitting your target market. These people will then receive your marketing paraphernalia on a consistent basis. Targeted Direct Mail gives you the opportunity to personalize your jeweler direct mail and speak directly to your strongest potential jewelry buyers.

Jeweler Mailers That Boost Your Store’s Profitability

Are you a small jeweler? A new jeweler? Part of a larger jewelry franchise? Whatever the scope and size of your business, we have jeweler mailers that are ideally suited to help you attain your marketing goals:

  • Brochures – Brochures are a proven resource for jewelers. With a brochure, you can highlight any aspect of what you do, from telling the history of your jewelry store, to promoting new products and services. Our team will help you design a brochure that gets noticed when sent as a standalone marketing piece during your direct mail campaign.
  • Flyers – When you want to tell your prospective buyers about a particular item, event or sale, a flyer makes a bold statement. Our flyers are printed on heavier stock, which makes them strong and never flimsy. With the right messaging and a professional, eye-catching appeal, you can get your phone to ring. You’ll also get your door to open and the number of visitors to your website to increase.
  • Postcards – Jeweler mailers in the form of postcards are suitable for numerous direct mail campaigns. Add a surge of interest in one of your newest jewelry lines or send out limited-time coupons and discounts to certain households. Each of our postcards is sized to be larger than ordinary travel-type postcards, making your postcards more visible among other pieces of mail.

Order samples of our high-quality mailers right now by placing a request online. We’ll send them to your door within five business days so you can see why so many jewelers choose Mail Shark as their direct mail partner.

Get more out of your marketing with the power of Mail Shark and jeweler direct mail!

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