Direct Mail Boosts Flower Shop Sales

For generations, people around the country have had a love of buying and sending floral arrangements, potted plants, loose flowers and more. Most towns boast several flower shops, as well as big box retailers that offer floral products and services. With so much competition, it’s essential for every flower shop to use proven marketing methods to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Direct mail is a valuable, cost-effective resource for any flower shop that wants the coming years to be more profitable. Mail Shark offers direct mail solutions perfect for flower shops of all sizes. Why does our direct mail program work?

  • It builds brand recognition using consistent mailing of professionally-generated marketing materials including brochures, flyers and/or postcards.
  • It increases brand recognition and provides reminders to individuals across your community.
  • It dovetails with all the marketing you’re currently doing, increasing lead generation on all levels.
  • It’s a turnkey solution you don’t have to worry about. Mail Shark takes care of all the designing, printing and mailing for you.
  • It requires no upfront fees. Instead, you’ll pay for Mail Shark direct mail services on a weekly or monthly basis. This enables you to stretch your marketing dollars farther than ever.

To learn more about direct mail marketing for your flower shop, please fill out a contact form online. Have a question for a Mail Shark specialist? Our online chat is the perfect forum to get your pressing inquiries answered during prime business hours.

Saturate Your Area With Bulk Mail Pieces

Do you want to make a fast splash in your sales territory? Spread the word about a sale, a grand opening, your latest products, etc., with saturation bulk mail. Saturation bulk mail allows you to effectively send marketing collateral to everyone within a geographic boundary as defined by the U.S. Postal Service. Mail any piece you want from postcards to flower shop brochures.

Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Services

Like the idea of saturation bulk mail, but on a more precise, neighborhood-based scale? Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, could be right for your flower shop’s goals. EDDM allows you to give bulk mail marketing pieces to postal carriers for delivery on the carriers’ routes. The postal carrier places your marketing material in every mailbox. EDDM helps you target certain communities, which can be valuable if you know where your strongest prospects live.

Improve ROI With Targeted Flower Shop Direct Mail

Do you want to make sure your marketing items are seen only by individuals and households fitting a specific demographic? Targeted flower shop direct mail gives you this option. Your Mail Shark account specialist will find and purchase names and addresses for you as well as send your marketing collateral as part of your consistent, turnkey direct mail campaign.

The advantages of utilizing targeted mail for your flower shop include:

  • Personalizing the content and images on all your marketing materials. Rather than talking to a wide group of people, you can be very pointed and individualistic.
  • Building sales of a particular product or service you know your prospective customers are most apt to need or use.
  • Maximizing your marketing budget by focusing all your funds toward a segment of the population you serve.

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