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Saturation Direct Mail

Market to Everyone in Your Area with a Saturation Mailing

If your business sells a product or service almost anyone can use, it’s important to get your advertisement in front of as many people as possible. Since saturation mailings target the majority of addresses in a geographic location, they’re one of the most economic and effective ways to advertise.

Saturation mailings are sent to the majority of addresses within a carrier route, which is a further breakdown of a zip code. They’re also sorted in walk sequence, which is the exact route USPS employees walk or drive when delivering mail. Because it’s so efficient for the USPS to deliver, saturation mailings qualify for the lowest bulk postage rates, making them affordable for almost any business.

Benefits of Saturation Mail

  • Reach most people in a geographic area
  • Remove business addresses, P.O. boxes, and some residential addresses
  • Physical address on every mail piece
  • Lowest bulk postage rates available

Mail Shark Makes Saturation Direct Mail Easy

Our Full-Service Saturation Mailing option is completely turnkey and hands-free. You don’t need to hire a separate mailing list provider, design firm, printing company, or mail house, which saves you time and money.

Mail Shark’s team of direct mail experts provides you with skilled guidance every step of the way. We’ll provide a bulk mailing list for you, design your piece, print it, and then mail it out from our in-house USPS facility. Simply choose your mailing area, and we’ll do the rest.

What’s Included with Our Saturation Mailing Service?

  • Mailing List & Area Analysis
  • Free Custom Design & Unlimited Revisions
  • Printing Costs
  • Postage and Delivery Costs
  • In-House USPS Mail Verification
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Expert Guidance from Start to Finish

Consistently Market Your Business

Consistency is the key to successful marketing. But most businesses don’t have the time or money for frequent advertising. We make it easy to market your business on a consistent basis with our weekly mailing strategy. Get started with no money down. We’ll then spread out your payments and mailing for up to 10 weeks at a time to give you the lowest weekly payment possible. All you need to do is pick a product, choose your mailing area, and set your mailing schedule. We’ll handle the rest.

Reach the Right Audience

A Full-Service Saturation Mailing allows you to remove certain types of addresses from your mailing list, like business addresses, PO boxes, and some residential addresses (i.e. apartments, seasonal dwellings, and drop addresses). Our direct mail experts work with you to ensure you’re mailing to people who are more likely to use your services. For example, a lawn care company may not want to mail to apartments because those individuals can’t use their services. Reaching a more targeted audience helps you save money which you can use to target addresses more likely to respond to your offer. When you mail to people who are more likely to respond to your offer, you increase your response rates and your potential ROI.

Get the Best Saturation Mailing Rates

To qualify for the lowest postage rate on a saturation mailing, you must stick to the 90/75 rule. In other words, you must mail to 90% of all residential addresses or 75% of all business and residential addresses within each carrier route. If you fall below the 90/75 rule, you will no longer qualify for the lowest saturation postage rate. Our direct mail experts always work with you to make sure you reach the right audience while maintaining the best postage rates.

Considering a Saturation Mailing for Your Business?

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