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Saturation Direct Mail

Often referred to as “bulk mail” or “mass mail”, a saturation mailing will get your message out to everyone in a specified carrier route or zip code. Saturation bulk mailings provide the lowest postage rates possible.

Our full-service saturation mailing services are completely turnkey and hands-free. We supply the mailing list, graphic design, printing, and our team will address each piece and mail them from our in-house post office.

Mail Shark has the reports, mapping tools, and a team of professionals to help you identify which zip codes and carrier routes will work best for your business and local area. There are very few companies on the web that offer all these services under one roof.

Every piece of mail that leaves our facility has a physical address and is bar coded to ensure that it gets scanned by USPS sorting equipment for accurate delivery to every mailbox. By doing so, Mail Shark guarantees the absolute lowest postage rates available by the USPS.

Interested in bulk mail address count of your local area?

Enter your information and Mail Shark representative will provide you with a saturation bulk mail address list count of your local area for free.