Mailing Lists

Below are examples of the targeted mailing list programs offered by Mail Shark. Targeted direct mailings can be extremely powerful when used the right way.

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Business Lists

Target business owners only. Choose businesses by location (radius, area code, city, county, state, or zip code) business type, or demographic such as number of employees, annual income, number of years in business, NAICS code, and more.

New Parents

New parents are a prime target for photography companies, big box retailers, baby furniture or maternity stores, magazines, catalogs, and surveys. New parents can be segmented further by pre-natal and post-natal allowing advertisers to hyper target the new parent market.

Pet Owners

Did you know that pet owners spend over $54 billion annually on their pets? Dog groomers, veterinarians, and pet supply retailers can all benefit from targeted direct mail to households with pets.

New Movers

People that just moved to a new area are often looking for local restaurants, plumbers, contractors, phone services, health care professionals, and other device providers. New movers targeted mailing lists work wonders for local retailers, insurance providers, banks, restaurants and more. View Mail Shark New Mover postcards.


A great strategy for a real estate agents is to target renters with high incomes to get them interested in purchasing a new home.

Home Owners & Buyers

Homeowners and buyers are extremely popular with real estate agents. There are further breakdowns of homeowners that can be segmented into different lists.

First Time Home Buyers / New Home Owners

This particular segment has questions that go along with purchasing a new home. They are often are looking for landscapers, home furnishings suppliers, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, and other home service providers. Banks and lending institutions often target first time or new home buyers with refinancing offers.

Current Homeowners

Landscapers, plumbers, general contractors, and almost every type of home service type industry love targeted homeowner lists because it allows them to remove renters, apartment dwellers, PO Boxes, and businesses from their direct mail campaigns.

Mortgage Holders

Banks and credit unions often target mortgage holders to offer them refinance services.

High Income Real Estate

Is your product or service typically associated with a high ticket item? If so, it would make perfect sense to target high-income households since they have the ability to purchase your product or service.

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