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If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have lots of cash on hand or the time to plan and execute marketing campaigns week after week. Let alone for an entire year. Our owner stumbled upon this problem a decade ago, and both The Weekly Mailing Strategy and The Annual Mailing Program were born.

  • The Weekly Mailing Strategy

    was developed to make direct mail as affordable and stress-free as possible for business owners who spend most of their time running their businesses. It works by taking the total number of mail pieces, as well as the total cost of your campaign, and spreading them out evenly over a period of up to 8 weeks. Each week your pieces are mailed out, you make a small weekly payment. Pretty simple.

    Example Weekly Mailing

    Based on the example above, we would take the total cost and quantity of your mailing and divide it evenly over an 8-week period. This means we’d mail 625 postcards per week and bill you $272 per week for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of mailing, all 5,000 addresses have received your postcard. Keep in mind, you can choose any direct mail product, quantity, and mailing schedule you want.

    Oversized Postcards Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 8
    Oversized Postcard Example
    Month 1
    Week 1: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 1 & Pay $272
    Week 2: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 2 & Pay $272
    Week 3: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 3 & Pay $272
    Week 4: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 4 & Pay $272
    Month 2
    Week 5: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 5 & Pay $272
    Week 6: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 6 & Pay $272
    Week 7: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 7 & Pay $272
    Week 8: Mail 625 Postcards to Area 8 & Pay $272
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  • The Annual Mailing Program

    works by applying our Weekly Mailing Strategy to multiple mailings throughout the year, allowing you to target your prospects each and every week with a variety of unique direct mail pieces. This program is also 100% customizable: you pick the number of campaigns, the pieces, the quantities, and the mailing schedules that fit your budget and mailing area. Best of all, we apply our deepest discounts for clients who use the annual program, so you pay the absolute lowest price for your direct mail.

    Example Annual Mailing Program

    A business with a budget of $266 a week could choose the following mix of campaigns, products, mailing areas, quantities, and mailing weeks. To determine the weekly payment, we would take the total cost for all 6 campaigns and divide it evenly over 52 weeks. We’d then spread each 5,000-piece campaign over 2 months. At the end of the year, all 5,000 addresses would receive 6 different mailers.

    Campaign 1 Oversized Postcards Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 8
    Oversized Postcard Example
    Week 1: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 2: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 3: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 4: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 5: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 6: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 7: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 8: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Campaign 2 Medium Plastic Postcards Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 9
    Medium Plastic Postcard Example
    Week 9: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 10: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 11: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 12: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 13: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 14: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 15: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 16: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 17: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Campaign 3 Jumbo Postcards Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 9
    Jumbo Postcard Example
    Week 18: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 19: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 20: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 21: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 22: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 23: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 24: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 25: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 26: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Campaign 4 Original Postcard Magnets Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 8
    Postcard Magnet Example
    Week 27: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 28: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 29: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 30: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 31: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 32: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 33: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Week 34: Mail 625 & Pay $266
    Campaign 5 Oversized Postcards Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 9
    Oversized Postcard Example
    Week 35: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 36: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 37: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 38: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 39: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 40: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 41: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 42: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 43: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Campaign 6 Oversized Scratch-Offs Quantity: 5,000 Mailing Weeks: 9
    Oversized Scratch-Off Postcard Example
    Week 44: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 45: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 46: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 47: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 48: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 49: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 50: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 51: Mail 556 & Pay $266
    Week 52: Mail 556 & Pay $266

    Additional Quantity Price Options

    Mail 5,000/Campaign Mail 10,000/Campaign Mail 15,000/Campaign Mail 20,000/Campaign
    $266/Week $454/Week $653/Week $838/Week
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Benefits of Weekly Mailing

  • No Money Down We finance the cost of your mailing area analysis, mailing list, artwork, printing, postal sorting, and delivery. You don’t pay a dime until we pay the post office for your first week’s mailing.
  • Steady, More Manageable Returns By spreading your mailings out over several weeks, you can rely on a steadier, more predictable return over time, instead of a rush of new business all at once.
  • Affordable Weekly Payments Splitting your direct mail costs into small, weekly payments makes it easier to fit into your weekly budget. This is invaluable for businesses that run on a week-to-week basis.
  • Fits Any Budget We work with you to pick the right piece, mailing area, quantity, and mailing schedule to get you the best results without going over your budget.

Benefits of the Annual Program

  • Our Lowest Pricing We apply our deepest discounts for customers using the annual program, so you pay the absolute lowest amount possible for your direct mail.
  • Consistent, Effortless Marketing Busy? No problem. We’ll handle the marketing and you’ll have fresh, relevant advertising hitting your target audience every single week of the year.
  • Flexibility You can change the products, update pricing and promotions, or adjust quantities and mailing areas with each mailing.
  • Frequency By mailing on a weekly basis all year, you’ll hit the same groups of people 6 times, increasing the likelihood that they’ll purchase and enhancing their lifetime value.

What Our Customers Say About Us

FAQs for Weekly and Annual Programs

How do the payments work?

You pay no money down or up front. No matter what program you choose, your first payment is due the week before delivery of your mailers, when postage is paid. Your weekly payment is the total cost of your direct mail campaign divided by the number of weeks of mailings.

Weekly Mailing = total cost/# of weeks, due weekly over # of weeks

Annual Mailing = total cost/52 weeks, due weekly over 52 weeks

Are there any additional fees for artwork, taxes, postage, etc.?

No. Our prices are all-inclusive and include custom design work, the mailing list, printing, mailing services, postage, and taxes. There are no hidden fees.

Can I end my annual mailing program prior to its completion?

Yes. The annual program is designed for consistency and results, not to lock you into additional mailings.

We have two pricing structures: our annual weekly mailing pricing, and our open rates. Our annual pricing is a reduced pricing structure you receive when you sign up for an annual program. Our open rate pricing is what you’d pay if you chose to mail any quantity of pieces not associated with an annual program.

If you choose to end your contract prior to its completion, you will only be charged for the pieces we have printed and mailed for you to date. You will be charged the difference between the annual pricing and the open rate pricing. This isn’t a penalty; you are simply paying the same rate you would have paid if you had chosen to do those mailings as open rate rather than annual. After you pay the difference, your contract is canceled with no further obligation.

What if I want to mail everything at one time?

You can always mail a campaign over a one week period. You would just owe one payment for the campaign since there are no additional weeks to spread your payments over.

Can I mail my pieces over more than 8 weeks?

Yes. You can spread the cost of your mailings out over a period of up to 10 weeks without paying anything up front. However, for campaigns that run more than 10 weeks, we ask that you pay the cost of the printing up front. Your weekly payments would then be determined by dividing the remainder of the cost by the number of weeks you’re mailing over.

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