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The Weekly Mailing Program

What is our weekly mailing program? Simply put, it’s a proven method of sending out direct mail on a consistent weekly basis over a 12-month time period. By mailing out every week, business owners get a steady stream of new business throughout the entire year. Our strategy has helped thousands of businesses across the United States become profitable with direct mail. We take your direct mail campaigns to the next level by mixing up the direct mail pieces that are being sent out. We offer a suite of direct mail products including:

Our marketing team will develop a strategic mailing schedule that keeps your message in front of your potential customers all year round.

Weekly Mailing Program

The entire process is kept in house by utilizing our in-house post office that trays, sorts, and bar codes all mail before it’s delivered to the post office. This gets our customers the best mailing rates possible and ensure that pieces will be properly delivered. All records are kept on file and are available to you through our online dashboard.

But what about graphic design? Mail Shark provides high quality, business class graphic design services for free. Mail Shark has a fleet of graphic designers and all of them are extremely good at what they do. Just take a look our sample gallery to see for yourself. We offer free graphic design so that business owners can change their message or pricing throughout the year. It provides a level of flexibility that our customers appreciate.

Interested? We encourage you to request free samples to get an idea of our print quality and style of products that we offer. For those with more immediate needs, we encourage your contact Mail Shark directly for a free consultation.

What kind of businesses work best for our weekly mailing program?

Below are a example industries that we service on a regular basis.

  • Food Service – Pizza Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, etc.
  • Home Services – Pest Control, Roofers, Plumbing, Heating and AC, Landscapers, etc.
  • Real Estate – Agents, Mortgage & Refinance, Banks, Lending Institutions
  • Health – Gyms, Fitness Facilities, Yoga & Pilates, Therapeutic Message
  • Personal – Youth Organizations, Churches, Private Clubs, Pet Services

Do you offer direct mail services for B2B companies?

Absolutely. By using our targeted mailing lists, Mail Shark can provide a wide range of direct mail programs for companies that provide business to business (B2B) services. Looking to target a specific type of business? Mail Shark can make it happen. Feel free to visit our Mailing Lists page for great ideas for your business.

How is the Mail Shark program different from what other companies offer?

Consistent Marketing
You need to be consistent with your marketing in order to be successful. Our program finally gives you the ability to consistently market your business every single week of the year regardless of how busy you get. It will be difficult for your competition to be this consistent. This will allow you to take advantage of their marketing weakness and gain market share when their advertising falls off.
Always Stand-Alone Direct Mail
One of the quickest ways to diminish your return with direct mail is to hide your message. Every Mail Shark direct mail product is a stand-alone piece which means it’s mailed by itself and not attached to anything or stuffed in a magazine or envelope. This makes sure your advertisement gets the maximum amount of exposure because your message is not hidden inside of a magazine, newspaper, envelope, etc. Stand-alone direct mail will always outperform shared mail.
Free Professional Graphic Design
One of the keys to being successful with direct mail is the ability to catch the consumer’s attention and getting them to look at your advertisement. This can be accomplished by a strategically designed piece done by a professional graphic designer. We include a custom graphic design on every single piece at no extra cost.
A Program for Every Budget
Mail Shark offers a “no money down” payment structure for our weekly mailing program. By not taking large chunks of money up front and billing our customers weekly you are able to keep more of your cash in your pocket. Cash flow is very important in today’s business world and we understand how important it is to keep as much of your cash on reserve as possible.
Fresh & Relevant Advertising
It’s easy to just rerun your previous advertisement or get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again. Not with Mail Shark! We offer a wide variety of different, relevant and exciting direct mail pieces. By mailing multiple different types of direct mail pieces throughout the year, your marketing will never get stale. You are constantly reinforcing your brand with NEW & FRESH marketing pieces. Not only do we change the actual direct mail pieces that are sent out every 10 weeks but we change the designs and content to ensure your marketing is always current, relevant and exciting.
Manageable Advertising
Instead of forcing you to mail out large quantities, we give you the ability to mail out smaller quantities on a weekly basis. Smaller weekly mail drops make it much easier to manage the return and you never have to worry about getting bombarded all at once. Our program delivers a consistent flow of leads coming in every week of the year. This will make it easier to manage your business and ensure that you can always provide the highest level of customer service.
Reduce Wasted Advertising Dollars
By giving our customers the ability to print smaller quantities which can be depleted in the short term, they never end up with excess print on the shelf that becomes outdated before they have the chance to use it. Print the quantities that are right for you, not your printer.
Turnkey Direct Mail Advertising Program
We develop the strategy, then design, print and execute the mailings all under one roof. Your involvement is minimal and really only necessary to approve your artwork and mailing areas. Our program allows you focus on your business while we handle your marketing.
A Program to Reach Any Customer
Whether you are looking to target everyone in a specific area, targeting a specific demographic or if you have a list of current or prospective customers that you want to mail, we can create a program for you.

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