Mail On Your Schedule (with a Little Help)

Our EDDM® Ready-to-Go service is a smart choice for business owners who'd like some help with their EDDM® campaigns. You're in control of when you pay your postage and take your pieces to the post office. But as you'll see below, we handle the other details to minimize the time and effort you spend on your EDDM® mailing.

EDDM® Ready-to-Go™

Let Us Give You a Hand

When you choose EDDM® Ready-to-Go™, we take care of the mapping, printing, bundling, and paperwork you’d normally have to do yourself. We select the carrier routes you want to mail to ahead of time, bundle your mail pieces, and fill out all the USPS paperwork. We then ship your pre-bundled pieces to you along with the paperwork, so all you have to do is pay the postage and drop them off at the post office when you’re ready to mail out.

What’s Included?

Our EDDM® Ready-to-Go Process

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