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EDDM® Comparison Chart

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Grading Key A = Excellent | B = Good | C = Average | D = Poor | U = Understanding

EDDM® vs. Full-Service Mailing Report Card

Description Full-Service Mail EDDM® Impact
Variety of Pieces A B With EDDM®, you are limited to mailing only those pieces that qualify as a flat. This is any piece with a finished size of either greater than 6.25 wide or 10.5 high. At Mail Shark we have come up with a creative way to allow you to mail almost all of our pieces either Full Service or EDDM®, but you should still be aware of the regulation that EDDM® must be mailed as a FLAT vs. a LETTER.
Mailing List A D EDDM® does not require a mailing list, every piece just says “Local Postal Customer”. The delivery of where EDDM® pieces are supposed to mail to is identified by a form that sits on top of the bundled mail. The grade of D is because the lack of an addressed piece increases the chance that the carrier does not know where to deliver pieces, could potentially lend itself to pieces being thrown away, and does not allow you as much sophistication with targeting the audience of your choice
USPS Expertise A C Like any large organization, training on new programs can be very difficult. We give the USPS credit for coming up with a way to allow business owners a do-it-yourself mail program that is supposed to make mailing easier. However, it has been our experience that most of our customers that we help execute an EDDM® campaign have had very bad experiences in the local USPS branches because the local clerks have no idea what EDDM® is or how to make sure pieces are properly handled. This is improving slowly over time.
Reliable Delivery A C We would like to trust all postal carriers and give them credit for always doing the right thing when it comes to delivering standard mail into the mailboxes. However, Bulk Mail many times, especially in more urban areas where the postal carriers are walking versus driving, this mail is very heavy to carry. It is a federal offense, and a fireable offense for carriers not to deliver mail as intended, however, with EDDM® not having addresses on each piece of mail, we have seen it first hand where the carrier does not delivery these mail pieces properly.
Custom Design A A Regardless of doing EDDM® or Full Service, a great design is a must in order to get a good response. You should demand the best design for your next marketing campaign and ensure the company you are working understands the importance of good design within a direct mail campaign and is capable of executing a great design.
Your Time Required A C Your time is extremely important. Taking time away from operating your business to bundle direct mail pieces or wait in line at the post office is many times a mistake made in an attempt to save money. Do-it-yourself, does not always equal money saved. EDDM® can be a good tool for those that have employees that are not busy and have time to manage this type of program, but many business owners just don’t have the time to do this right and be consistent.
Ease of Execution B C Direct Mail is not rocket science, however, executing any type of direct mail campaign successfully and to drive results requires careful consideration and a complete understanding of design, mailing lists, addressing and postal intelligence. EDDM® is something that most are able to figure out via the USPS website and execute mailings, but typically the results are not as strong with a do-it-your-self approach because most are not experts at understanding all the things involved to not just mail pieces, but to grow sales!
Cost Effective B A There is no doubt that if just looking at the costs of print and postage, that an EDDM® campaign can be more cost effective. The current cost for postage on an EDDM® campaign is 17.7 cents. Many are fooled by this number and think that this will be the only cost incurred. Don’t forget you still have to get properly printed EDDM® pieces with the correct printed indicia, and you still have to spend the time to pick where you want to mail them, bundle them, and deliver them to the post office. Usually when time and hassle is factored in, the cost savings quickly fade away.
Targeted Mailings A D EDDM®, which of course stands for Every Door Direct Mail® is exactly that. It’s a saturation mailing intended to hit every addresses within a specific carrier route or zip code. You can also mail saturation with Full service. The biggest difference is that you do not need a mailing list with EDDM®. There is no address put on an EDDM® piece, it just says “local postal customer”. With Full Service, you can target very specific audiences. You need to work with a mailing expert to find out which type of mailing strategy would be best for your business.
Postage Expense U U The U is for understanding. With EDDM® it’s very easy. It’s a saturation mailing and postage is 17.7 Cents. For full Service Mailings, there are saturation rates that are even less than 16 cents. For targeted Full Service mailings you can be as high as 36 cents for postage. The bottom line is that you need to work with a respectable expert in the direct mail field to ensure you are executing the right campaign for your business and that you are not paying too much for postage.
Marketing Program A C Looking at your business and developing a long term marketing strategy is extremely important. Direct mail is an extremely powerful tool for many businesses, but without a well thought out plan to execute consistent high impact direct mail pieces with a new fresh message throughout the year, the results of direct mail can be watered down. Every Door Direct Mail® lends itself to doing a one time mailing and then waiting to see what happens. A good direct mail expert will help you develop the best plan for your business.
Consistency B C The ability to be consistent with any type of marketing is one of the primary reasons for success or failure. It is extremely important to reach your potential prospect with an exciting message multiple times to really capture their attention. With an EDDM® campaign it’s very easy for a business owner to get distracted and lose the consistency needed to get the best results. A full service mailing strategy that is more turnkey will ensure the proper consistency, increase sales, and allow you to focus on operating the business.
Reaching Multiple Zip Codes A C Every Door Direct Mail® is great when the people you want to target have addresses with the post office right down the street from your business. However, if you are like many businesses and are looking to target multiple zip codes to hit your prospects, this will most likely mean that you now have to understand which areas you want to hit with each drop of mailings and make sure you go to the correct local post office. This takes some careful planning and can be very frustrating traveling to all these different post offices. With full service, it’s a hands off approach, and you can target any zip codes or addresses you want and not have to worry about it.
TOTAL OVERALL GRADE A C Overall, the most important thing for your to understand is that there are several options on how to execute your direct mail campaign. Making the right choice is critical to your success and will determine if you are getting a healthy return on investment. We strongly believe that in most cases when all of the above factors are considered Full Service mailings are typically the best way to drive results and remain focused on your business. However, there are definitely times where Every Door Direct Mail® is appropriate and can be execute with great success. Just be sure that you are working with a company that understands all the options an gives you choices and the ability to do what’s best for your business and to grow your sales!