Inc. 5000 for the 4th Straight Year

At #1837, Mail Shark has made the Inc. 5000 List as one of the Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in the United States for the 4th year in a row. The secret to our success? Our employees explain why they feel we made the Inc 5000 list for the 4th year in a row.

Kevin Weidner

“Continued loyalty and dedication from great employees.”

Kevin Weidner – Account Executive

Allie Konnick

“Hard-working employees and dedicated clients!”

Allie Konnick – Account Specialist

Andy Mobilia

“Because of the unstoppable Team of Josh Davis and Brian Johnson!”

Andrew Mobilia – Account Executive

Anthony Feliciano

“I believe Mail Shark has been making the list for the past 4 years due to our loyal customers.” Why do we have loyal customers? It’s simple, Mail shark employees strive to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our consistent dedication from start to finish (sales to production) getting the best possible deals for our customers by cutting out the middle man and completing projects in the most efficient way possible.

We are constantly making improvements to keep things running smoothly and adjusting procedures when new problems arise. The moment that any company stops trying to improve is the beginning of a steep decline. We strive for great customer service from the beginning, not just when there is an issue. That is what makes the Mail Shark rank year after year.

Anthony Feliciano – Graphic Designer

Jess Plunket

“I feel Mail Shark made the Inc. 5000 list for the fourth year in a row because we, as a whole, keep our focus on our clients. There is a reason one common phrase is consistently said throughout the office, ‘A win for you is a win for us’.”

Mail Shark keeps our focus on the client’s needs and what it takes to grow their business. We are always looking for ways to enhance the products and experience we offer our clients and what will help them beat out their competitors. Whether it be a new piece to catch a consumer’s eye or a unique marketing strategy, Mail Shark focuses on what is best for our clients. It is our job to allow business owner’s to continue running their business while we find ways to help grow that business.

With a specialized marketing strategy focused on allowing our client’s to consistently gain long term customers, we as a company in return gain loyal and long term clients, thus keeping us on the Inc. 5000 list four years in a row.

Jess Plunket – Business Operations Manager

Josh Davis

“To achieve continuous significant growth in this industry, it’s critical to retain clients as long term customers. In my opinion our ability to do just that is the primary reason we have been able to make the Inc. list for the past 4 years straight.”

The reason we are able to do this is really a testament to our amazing sales and account specialist team members that are fully dedicated to providing our clients with a world class experience from the start of every project to the fulfillment of every project. We not only constantly remain focused on providing the very best customer service but equally as important, our team members genuinely care about each and every one of our clients success. We don’t just take orders from clients, we truly create partnerships with our clients and treat their accounts as if they are our own. This in conjunction with our focus on customer service has really propelled our growth.

Josh Davis – Vice President of Sales

Mary Beth Lemon

“Mail Shark has made the Inc. 5000 list the fourth year in a row for many reasons.”

First off is the vision the president and owner, Brian Johnson, had. Four years ago, Mail Shark was a small company with a special marketing niche. Specializing in the pizzeria industry, he strives to develop the best marketing campaign. It’s easier to sell a strong product you believe in, especially when you know that it will help the customer’s business grow.

But that is not where he stopped. The decision to bring the printing in house propelled the company and its growth into new territory. It gave quality control over the product, and made the entire process more efficient. But in order to do that, he needed to go out and find the team of people that could manage the printing and carry out the vision. And that’s exactly what he did.

But the primary reason that Mail Shark has made the Inc. 5000 list four years in a row is the employees. Mail Shark now has 45 dedicated employees that work together, in order to make things happen. The employees strive for continued growth, while working in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Their dedication to the customers and the company is what makes Mail Shark strong. And a strong company grows.

Mary Beth Lemon – Finance and HR Manager

Tyndra Sterner

“I have been in the printing world for 38 years…”

In all my years of supervising I had the most trouble with the younger employees. There seemed to be a lack of work ethic and enthusiasm for their jobs. Most I employed were quickly let go. I must say the employees of Mail Shark have turned that around for me. I have a new found respect for the younger generation or at least those who are employed at Mail Shark.

As you might have noticed most of the sales and support staff are 40 and under, probably more like 35 and under. They enjoy a happy hour. However most of the production staff is 45 and over. We are just glad for another hour.

I see a very conscientious positive group that pushes each and every week to accomplish our goals. Perhaps it is the niche we have and the continuous repeating of each and every process that makes us better and better.

There is a tremendous amount of team work in getting our work completed in a timely manner.

In summary I would say that the leadership and the team work alone with the drive and dedication to our weekly goals has created an environment that grows just because we get better at what we do.

Tyndra Sterner – VP of Production

John Dackweiler

“This company is an Inc 5000 List company because of hard work, a lot of dedication, experience, and most of all… team work! Without that you have nothing.”

John Dackweiler – Press Room