New Peel-a-Box Direct Mail Postcard

Interactive Marketing – What does this mean and what can it do for your direct mail campaign?

Let’s break it down:

First of all, the definition of “interactive” is: influencing or having an effect on each other.

Interaction can be two people
Interaction can be a person and a dog.
Interaction could be a dog and hydrant or a hydrant and a hose.
Interaction can be two, three, four, or even a hundred different people and objects.

Interacting is engaging just as marketing is engaging. The two are almost one in the same.

So how is interaction a factor in regards to direct mail?

Let’s start with the world’s biggest user of interactive marketing. The United States lottery system. Of course you can play a few numbers and wait for the results, which many people do. But the highest selling lottery game is the scratch off ticket.

Why? Because people love interaction. It’s more fun and it engages the user. Not to mention that most people like the feeling of winning. It’s just another form of lottery, but it’s essentially interactive print marketing.

Marketing is always about the struggle to get people to “see or hear” your marketing message. Whether it’s on the radio, a billboard, newspaper or direct mail, it is hard to get the consumer to pay attention to or engage the message you are trying to share with them.

Every moment of every day, consumers are being targeted with marketing messages. It is their natural defense to immediately decide whether or not to interact with the message or to dismiss it and move on.

There is always a “call to action”; it’s the heart and soul of any marketing campaign.

But, what about a call to interaction?

An interactive direct mail marketing piece adds a completely new element to the classic “call to action”. It engages the end user directly and is hands-on.

We believe that interactive direct mailers greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for the consumer to connect with your message, thus allowing your marketing message to penetrate their initial defense mechanism of dismissal.

Mail Shark is always looking to ways to help our customers increase their response rates with direct mail. We accepted the challenge and created a specific direct mail product category we call “Interactive Postcards”. Within this category we currently offer two products that have proven to drive high response rates and force the consumer to interact with the marketing piece.

Anthonys Auto SO Sample

Following the marketing success story that is the scratch off lottery ticket, we’ve made that same interactive experience available to our clients. We call it the Scratch Off Postcard. It utilizes the same marketing elements that make lottery scratch offs so successful: interaction, a sense of mystery and curiosity, and a chance to be a winner.

We’ve already proven that this card is a home run for restaurants, HVAC companies, gyms, dentists and more. We’ve seen short term returns from our clients that quadruple the industry standards.

On the heels of the success of our Scratch-Off Postcard, Mail Shark is excited to be launching an entirely new interactive postcard called “Peel-A-Box”

interactive pizzeria postcard: mamas

The Peel-A-Box Postcard is the next level of interactive marketing. A new layer of marketing that you can literally “peel away”. We follow the same proven elements of interaction, intrigue, engagement, and a chance to win.

Everyone knows how to scratch and win, but when they get this new peel and win postcard under their nose, it will be a new, exciting way to engage that “call to interaction”. Also, it’s so easy to peel and win, that the consumer can literally take it out of their mailbox and become a winner on their walk inside.

Any marketing company that you hire to work for you should always be looking for new, inventive ways to engage the end user. Your message needs to be heard and with Mail Shark interactive direct mail pieces, we know we can help your business become successful with direct mail.

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