Marketing Mail for Small Business Owners

Every small business has a need for a continuous, reliable influx of customers. To increase inbound leads, many turn to the opportunities provided by marketing mail.

We all get marketing mail on a daily basis, but not all of it works. To help you maximize your marketing mail for small businesses, we’ve amassed some information and tips encompassing what you need to know about marketing mail.

The United States Postal Service Saturation Mail Services for Small Businesses

The U.S. Postal Service has offered saturation marketing mail services for many decades. marketing mail is less expensive than first-class mail, because it’s delivered to local postal offices in marketing packaging. Then, the marketing mail is distributed among postal carriers according to routes and postal codes.

Marketing mail allows small businesses to blanket, or saturate, a specific area with a postcard, brochure, menu, flyer, etc. While marketing mail does have limitations, such as size and weight guidelines, it’s an excellent resource for any small business that wants to improve sales quarter after quarter.

Although marketing mail is possible to do on your own, it can be confusing. A better approach for small business owners is to partner with a company that understands how to efficiently and effectively streamline the process.

Marketing Mail Tips for Business Owners

Think you can just send out any message via marketing mail and have it work? That’s a common misconception about marketing mail. The truth is that there are some marketing rules to follow. Below are marketing mail tips based on successful small business campaigns:

  • Send out saturation marketing mailings consistently. Many small businesses miss the mark because they send saturation marketing mailing marketing pieces only occasionally. This does not build brand recognition or regularly improve sales. It’s important to remember that the majority of prospects must see a message several times before taking action. Therefore, marketing mailings have to be a long-term commitment.
  • Consider the type of marketing mailing carefully. With saturation marketing mailing services, it’s possible to narrow down the carrier routes and postal codes that contain people and corporate entities most likely to need your services or products. At Mail Shark, our team regularly shares mapping tools and reports with our clients to precisely determine where they’re most likely to get a return on investment from their marketing mailings. Without this type of in-depth analysis, marketing mailings would not be as effective.
  • Have one strong message in your marketing mailings. All marketing mailing marketing items need to have a strong message. In other words, it’s important to ask the question: “What is the ONE thing I want people to do after reading this brochure, postcard, etc.?” The answer to the question will help guide your content.
  • Add tracking mechanisms to your marketing mail pieces. When creating content for your marketing mailings, always add a way to track any inbound leads. This could be as simple as offering a coupon with a specific promo code, or encouraging prospects to visit a distinctive landing page. When you have a tracking mechanism in place, it’s easier for you to put a dollar figure on the success of your overall marketing mail campaigns and initiatives.

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