The Offer Many HVAC Companies Get Wrong

Key Takeaways

  • Providing enough clear context will ensure the average consumer understands your message.
  • Tune-up the furnace/ac tune-up coupon with additional context and benefits.
  • Minor content updates can have a significant impact on your marketing message.

We know avoiding technical jargon is important, as our most recent nationwide consumer research uncovered that 50% of consumer surveyed don’t know what HVAC companies do. Equally, it’s important to always provide enough clear additional context when marketing your products and services and special offers. This context will ensure that customers clearly understand your message.

Let’s look at a popular special offer run by many HVAC companies, the “Furnace Tune-Up” special offer.

Many HVAC companies that run a “Furnace Tune-Up” special offer promote it by including only the verbiage “Furnace Tune-Up” at some designated price point, such as the one to the right. Knowing that many consumers may not understand basic industry terminology and may not be well versed in their HVAC systems, it’s highly likely that saying only “Furnace Tune-Up” may not be enough for homeowners to understand

exactly what you are offering and why they need this service, thus greatly minimizing the response rate.

To illustrate this, we took the standard “Furnace Tune-Up Offer” and created a second, similar offer with updated verbiage and some additional content and conducted a nationwide consumer survey. We asked homeowners which offer made more sense to them—offer A, an updated version of the standard “Furnace Tune-Up” offer, or offer B, the standard “Furnace Tune-Up” offer. The results are clear.

We asked 1,771 homeowners the following question:

“Based on the images below, which offer makes more sense to you?”

Why Did Offer A Make More Sense To Homeowners?

Offer A likely made more sense because it has a header that is easier to understand and includes the reason the service is important and the benefits of getting the service done: “Features Tell, Benefits Sell.”
That is compared to the traditional “Furnace Tune-Up” offer, which does not have enough context for most consumers to understand what they are being offered and why they need this service.
That said, offer B might be redeemed by some customers. However, offers that make more sense to consumers, such as offer A, should perform significantly better.


Take time to go back and review your online and offline marketing content and identify any verbiage that can be tweaked or may need additional context to be more easily understood by the average homeowner. Minor content updates can have a significant impact.

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