Marketing Schedule Resolutions for Gyms

New Years Resolutions Calendar

January is the month of resolutions.

A recent study by the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology ranked Losing Weight as the number one New Year resolution among Americans.

It would be detrimental to any gym or fitness club owner to not take advantage of this key time to market their business. Scheduling your marketing strategy and planning ahead isn’t easy. And you’re not alone in the fact that it typically doesn’t get done and even when it does, it’s sometimes too late.

That leads to the number two resolution in the study, “Getting Organized“.

Any gym owner that waits until mid-December to worry about designing a direct mail piece for their January “resolution” push will likely have a disorganized message and target audience because they were not proactive in creating a marketing plan.

“Gym B” down the street that had a key plan to get a direct mail design ready in November. They determined their target audience and will have pieces in mailboxes to start the New Year. They will be the “bread winner”, while gym A maintains their “biggest loser” status because they didn’t get their campaign off the ground with ample planning time.

How about the third most popular resolution? “Spend Less and Save More“.

By working closely with a company that will help you organize a yearly plan and keep you on track during key promotional times, you will ultimately save money.

How? Because your direct mail company can:

  • plan ahead for you
  • gather all pertinent information
  • design your piece ahead of time
  • save you the hassle of scrambling

Time is money and while you continue to focus on growing your business, a good direct mail company can focus on creating the right piece at the right time to increase membership.

Moreover, spending money on a rushed marketing push will ultimately yield a lesser result, resulting in wasted revenue.

The number 4 and 5 resolutions in the study were to “Live Life to the Fullest” and to “Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle“.

This just further enforces that, as a gym owner, you need to continuously market throughout the year. You can’t let your core audience lose sight of the fact that you want them to get healthy and stay healthy.

A resolution campaign in January is an afterthought by Springtime without another marketing push. Again, you may not think about this until it’s too late. This is why you need a well-planned direct mail calendar and a marketing company behind the scenes to execute this for you.

A seasoned direct mail marketing team, like Mail Shark, will help you set up all of your key promotions throughout the year as a comprehensive marketing plan, so there’s no last minute scrambling.

Once set, our team will contact you when key promotions need to be designed so you have your plan in place rather than scrambling to get a marketing piece sent. A promotion such as “Back to School” needs to begin the planning stages when summer begins, not when it’s ending.

The best part is that it doesn’t cost an extra penny for this added service. Organization is better for everyone involved.

As a gym owner, as with any business, it’s important to know your key promotional times. It’s also important to create a comprehensive calendar and partner with a marketing company like Mail Shark to execute your marketing plan.

By the way, the number 6 resolution works well at any time of the year, which is “Learn Something Exciting“.

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