HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical Customers are Influenced Most By Quality

Key Takeaways

  • Quality, Reputation & Cost are the top three factors that influence customers most when selecting a home services provider.
  • By simply telling your customers they can trust you, they do.
  • Update your marketing message & taglines with words like, quality, trust & affordable, etc. to have a bigger impact.

There are many factors influencing consumers when selecting a home services provider. Topping the list is quality. Consumers want their home services provider to do a quality job, so much that it ranked as more influential than cost.

When Selecting A Home Service Provider For Your Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing And Electrical Needs,
What Influences You The Most?

Although quality holds the heaviest weight, each factor on this list influences consumers and should be given careful consideration.


One tactic to consider is simply telling prospective customers you are trustworthy, and your work is high-quality and affordable. The message is clear and hits the key factors that influence consumers.

According to Roger Dooley, the primary author at Neuromarketing, author of Friction and Brainfluence, and host of the Brainfluence podcast, researchers found that placing the following statement at the end of an ad for an auto service firm caused its trust scores to jump as much as 33%:

That phrase caused people to rate the firm in the ad higher in every category:


An Easy Place To Start Is Evaluating Taglines And Headlines Used In Your Marketing.

Below is an example tagline we recommend for our client’s direct mail marketing.

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