How Frequently Do Your Patients Want to Hear From You?

Patient retention is critical to maintaining a healthy practice and is equally, if not more important, than new patient acquisition. One of the many pieces to the patient retention puzzle is staying connected and effectively communicating with your patients throughout the year, Why? Because they want to hear from you.

Just how frequently your patients want to hear from you is the question. You want to ensure you’re staying in front of your patients at an interval that’s effective, but not so frequent that you bombard your happy patients with too much communication.

To provide insight as to how frequently patients want to hear from their dental practice, we asked 5,841 consumers:

How often would you want to hear from your dental practice throughout the year with news, updates, and/or special offers?

Based on our findings, 50% of patients want to hear from you at least every three months, with 33% reporting they want to hear from you every 6 months. With that in mind, a frequency that may be a good place to start, is a quarterly strategy of communication, every 3 months. That said, there is no right or wrong answer here. The key is getting a plan in place and executing it. From here you can easily adjust the frequency of communication up or down.

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