Best Direct Mail Strategy for Gyms

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Many of our clients choose to do bulk mailing, also known as “saturation” mailings. In short, saturation mailings target everyone within a specified area through carrier routes. Mailing to everyone within a carrier route allows the USPS to provide the lowest postage rates possible.

To learn more about carrier routes, we encourage you to visit our FAQ page for more information.

Saturation bulk mail is perfect for fitness centers, personal trainers, and gyms because everyone is a prospective member regardless of age, income levels, etc.

However, many established gyms and fitness centers already have a significant amount of their local community as members. Mailing to existing customers is viewed as an unnecessary expense and a waste of money.

Be aware that if you are considering Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) for your gym or fitness center, it is important to note that you do not have the option to remove specific residential addresses. Simply put, with EDDM, you can’t exclude your current customers from receiving your EDDM postcard or mail piece.

But it is a good idea to exclude existing customers?
Check out this hot tip from a Mail Shark client that is a successful gym owner with multiple locations.

“When utilizing direct mail, leave in all the residential addresses including your existing members. Your current members may have a son, daughter, mother, etc that is not a member but could potentially become a member with a little reminder or incentive.”

This particular gym owner has had great success mailing to existing members and feels that the money is well spent and NOT a wasted effort. In his eyes, it could be the catalyst to get the rest of the family to join.

Josh DavisSo which strategy works best? We would love to hear from personal trainers, gyms, or fitness center owners to hear about your experience with sending direct mail to your existing customers.
Josh Davis – VP of Sales