When Do Auto Customers Want to Hear From You


Most of your shop’s revenue is likely generated from your current customers. Staying in front of these customers throughout the year is paramount to retaining customers and maintaining revenue. However, finding the right balance of customer communications can be difficult. You want to avoid bombarding your happy customers so frequently that you become an annoyance, but you also don’t want to waste time and marketing dollars on efforts that will not pay dividends. So, what is the right frequency? In our latest consumer research & insight report “Cracking The Code”, we asked drivers how often they want to hear from their auto repair shop throughout the year.




How Often Would You Like To Receive Communication About Special Offers, News, Updates, Etc. From Your Auto Repair Shop Throughout The Year?



Based on our findings, only 28% (about one in every five) want to hear from you as often as once per month. Choosing a monthly strategy may lead to more frequent communication than is acceptable to most customers. A more acceptable frequency might be every two to three months, with a bare minimum recommendation of at least twice per year. It may take some trial and error to find what works best for your shop but remember that you can always make adjustments until you find the sweet spot. The key is getting started now.

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