Can Your Practice Attract New Patients With Special Offers?

We know many consumers cannot afford out-of-pocket dental expenses. Logically, many of these same consumers are looking for any savings they can find to make their visit to the dentist more affordable.

To gain some additional insight as to how receptive consumers are toward special offers regarding dental services, we asked 5,842 consumers

If you received a special offer in the mail for dental services that you need, how likely are you to redeem that offer?

Based on our results, we found that 82% reported they are likely (41% Very Likely and 41% Somewhat Likely) to redeem an offer in the mail. Only 18% reported they are “Not at All Likely” to redeem an offer.

It’s clear that consumers are receptive to offers they receive in the mail for dental services. However, what isn’t as transparent, but quite insightful, is analyzing the income demographic of those who responded that they are likely to redeem an offer. What the data shows, is that consumers with higher incomes are equally, if not more likely, to redeem a special offer than those with lower incomes. This further dispels the old notion that wealthy consumers don’t use coupons or special offers.

Two Types of Special Offers We Recommend Considering For Your Practice

There are many different types of offers you can use to attract new patients. However, as a best practice, we suggest using a minimum of two: one new patient offer for teeth cleaning and one new patient offer for teeth whitening.

Why? Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are the top two reasons why patients from our survey reported visiting the dentist.

By using these two types of strategic offers you can cast a wide net that will appeal to a broad audience.

From here, you can add on any additional offers you think would appeal to your practice’s specific prospective patients such as a complimentary second opinion or consultation, a special offer for Invisalign or similar services, savings off other specific procedures, etc.

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