Bulk Mailing: Take Advantage of Demographics

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When it comes to direct mail, one of the critical elements to success is that your message gets into the hands of your very best prospects.

If you are considering doing a bulk mailing (aka saturation mailing) that targets everyone in a particular area by carrier route, than it is of utmost importance that carrier routes are chosen strategically.

It’s also critical that you choose a direct mail expert to partner with that has the knowledge and who will spend the time to educate you about all of the demographics available in order to help you choose the best carrier routes.

Below is a list of some demographics that we can provide you to help you best choose or exclude potential mailing areas. It is important that you look at each demographic available and see how each could have an impact on your businesses and the results of your direct mail campaign.

Let’s take a look at one as an example. % Renter Occupied

Obviously if you are a home service related business like a plumber, contractor, heating & AC company, etc. you would want to stay away from renters as they will simply call their landlord to fix their issues. Therefore, you can use this demographic data to help choose carrier routes that have a smaller % of potential renters.

In addition, if you are targeting areas that have a high percentage of renters, you may need to retarget these areas more frequently . The reason being is that renters do not stay in their residences as long as homeowners and you may be turning over potential customers faster in these areas. Utilizing this information will help you better plan and execute targeting these specific areas.

One important note is that the demographics listed below are available for bulk/saturation mailings. If your clientele is a very specific demographic, or if you are looking to target a very specific customer profile, we can purchase any type of targeted mailing list possible.

For example, if you only wanted to target homeowners with incomes over $100,000, that own homes over 20 years of age & and have the presence of a pool, than you would want to utilize a different strategy and purchase a mailing list that only contains these addresses. Learn more about targeted mailing lists.

One last consideration is that many of the bulk mail demographics are based on medians NOT averages.

The median is halfway or “middle” point within a set of numbers. Below are 7 new car prices. The median would be number 4 at $34,000 since it’s the middle number between 1 and 7.

  1. $18,000
  2. $22,000
  3. $29,000
  4. $34,000 (Median)
  5. $44,000
  6. $76,000
  7. $250,000

An average would be the total number of all car prices divided by the total number of cars. In the case above, our average price would be $67,500. That’s a big difference from the median which is $34,000.

Available Demographics for Bulk Mailing Lists

  • Median Income
  • Media Age
  • Median Home Value
  • Median Year House was built
  • % Owner occupied
  • % Renter Occupied
  • % Families With Children
  • % African American
  • % Asian
  • % Hispanic
  • #Snowbirds
  • #College Addresses
  • #Trailers
  • #Drop Addresses

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