Convenience is Key: How to Attract Auto Repair Customers by offering Convenient Ways to Schedule Service

Today’s auto repair consumer is looking for an auto repair shop and experience that is convenient. Not only do they first look for an auto repair shop that is conveniently located to them, but they also want a quick, easy, and convenient way to schedule service.

Therefore, It’s critical to keep the driving factor of “convenience” in mind when creating your marketing message. You can easily make a list of benefits your shop offers that can be used to position your shop as being convenient. For example,

Do you offer…
• Same-day service on most repairs
• Integrated online scheduling
• After-hours pickup and drop-off
• Amenities like Wi-Fi, etc.
• Loaner vehicles, shuttle service, etc.

If so, make sure you call these convenient benefits out in your marketing and let your prospective customers know you are convenient to work with.
However, It All Starts With Scheduling A Service.

Allowing customers to conveniently schedule online is an important step in creating a great customer experience. With more and more consumers not wanting to pick up the phone, the convenience of having the option to schedule online is important and will appeal to all prospective customers. As we all know, the number of consumers who would rather schedule an appointment online has drastically increased in recent years.

When It Comes To Conveying That You Have A Convenient Way To Schedule Service On Your Direct Mail Marketing, Here Are A Few Powerful Tips.

1. Simply tell customers that scheduling service is convenient by letting them know they can either “Call Today” or “Conveniently Schedule Online”.

2. Provide a QR code that takes customers directly to your online scheduling tool. The key here is to have the right platform, such as AutoOps, that fully integrates with your shop management system. Not only does AutoOps provide a platform that allows customers to schedule live appointments according to your shop’s live calendar, but it can also provide valuable QR code insight to further enhance your marketing.

Check out the example below to see how easy it is to incorporate this simple yet effective conversion point into your direct mail.

Interested in adding integrated online scheduling into your next mailer campaign?