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Scratch-Off Postcards

Oversized Scratch-Off Postcard Description

Recipients engage with this piece by scratching off the indicated area to reveal a special offer. The message on each scratch-off can be customized through the use of variable data printing. It’s like playing the lottery, except everyone’s a winner.

Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 5.5″×10.5″
  • 2″ × 1″ scratch-off sticker
  • Full color 4/4, double-sided
  • 9 pt. cover paper
Jumbo Scratch-Off Postcard Description

The large size of our Jumbo Scratch-Off Postcard helps it stand out in the mailbox, and the interactive scratch-off sticker gets your audience to engage with your advertisement. You can customize the message on each piece through the use of variable data printing.

Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ × 10.5″
  • 2″ × 1″ scratch-off sticker
  • Full color 4/4, double-sided
  • 9 pt. cover paper
Scratch-Off Postcard Samples

Looking for inspiration for your scratch-off postcard or examples of our design abilities? Check out some of the great scratch-off postcards we’ve created for our customers.

See Scratch-Off Postcard Samples
Scratch-Off Postcard Templates

If you’re submitting your own scratch-off postcard design, we offer templates to help you format your piece. This helps ensure it meets the necessary printing specifications.

Get Scratch-Off Postcard Design Templates

Engage Your Prospects’ Senses

Interactive Scratch-Off Postcards have hidden offers that capture your audience’s attention and build anticipation with the chance to win. Whether you want to use one deal or 20, we can print customized offers on all of your Scratch-Off Postcards. Prospects will simply use a coin to scratch off the latex sticker and reveal a special deal just for them.

These unique direct mail pieces stand out in the mailbox, helping you distinguish yourself from the competition. And the action of scratching off the latex sticker helps prospects connect with your piece and remember you. This boosts your response and increases the likelihood people will visit your business to redeem your offer.

Custom Scratch-Off Postcard Design

Every scratch-off postcard from Mail Shark comes with free custom design and unlimited revisions. Our team of graphic designers know how to make the most of every square inch of space to create engaging postcards. Send us an existing design, or we’ll create a custom scratch-off postcard for you. Nothing prints until you’re 100% satisfied.

Scratch-Off Postcard Printing

Whether you need hundreds or hundreds of thousands of scratch-off postcards, we can handle any size job with precision and efficiency. These full-color, double-sided pieces are printed in-house on high-quality card stock.

Direct Mail Scratch-Off Postcards

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