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Interactive Postcards

We offer amazing interactive postcards that will get your business noticed, and we are the best place to print interactive mailers like our Scratch-Off and Peel-A-Box postcards.

Because all of our production & mailings are done in-house, we are able to offer the cheapest printing and mailing prices in the country. Our Scratch-Off’s and Peel-A-Box Postcards are USPS approved and available for Full Service Direct Mailing & EDDM™ (every door direct mail™).

Our on-site certified USPS employee will ensure your mail gets verified and delivered to mailboxes in the most efficient manner possible. To learn more about the differences between EDDM™ & Full Service Mailings contact us today or visit our direct mail services page for more information.

Mail Shark Interactive Postcards are the perfect piece to set yourself apart from your competition. Have you ever seen your competitors strategically using an interactive postcard? Be the first to capitalize on this unique product.

Interactive postcards are one of the hottest marketing pieces available. Whether you are looking for an exciting printed advertisement to hand out or need a cost effective high performing direct mail piece, Mail Shark interactive postcards are the perfect piece and should be a mandatory part of all direct marketing programs.

One of the reasons interactive postcards are so effective is because it creates immediate excitement and engages the customer by directly involving them with your marketing. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to win something? Executed strategically, interactive postcards can increase response rates and offer a tremendous return on investment.

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