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The world of tax service preparation and solutions is notoriously competitive. Whether you work for an independent tax service company or you’re part of a larger franchise, the key is to get noticed first. With direct mail, you can position your tax service business attractively and build your client base.

Mail Shark offers turnkey direct mail marketing for tax service providers like yours across the country. Our focus is to consistently drive inbound leads to your door, affording you the opportunity to grow your base. Complete the contact form today, and a Mail Shark account specialist will contact you to discuss a customized direct mail plan.

Get the Advantages of Tax Service Direct Mail

Direct mail is an appealing way to go door-to-door without physically having to walk around your community. Even in a networked world, every person still gets information sent to their mailbox. When you are regularly communicating with your strongest prospects through this medium, you get several advantages:

  • You start to build your tax service brand. Over time, this tends to equate to a higher degree of trust between you and your prospects.
  • You can get your name out. Are you new? Have you recently rebranded? Get your tax service business’s name out to people most likely to need your services now or in the future.
  • You can promote new products and services. It can be difficult to promote something new if you don’t already have a channel to connect with possible clients. Direct mail allows you to effectively send out brochures, flyers and/or postcards about your most exciting and important service offerings.
  • You can save money on marketing. When you work with Mail Shark, you spend nothing upfront. Our feeling is that you should be able to pay as you go, getting the benefits of inbound lead generation without having to pay a large sum at the beginning of your turnkey marketing campaign.
  • You can target your marketing. Use direct mail to pinpoint your marketing materials on people from a specific neighborhood or who represent a particular demographic.

Get these benefits of tax service direct mail solutions, as well as others. Talk to your Mail Shark account specialist today.

Tax Service Direct Mail Options

When it comes to direct mail, you have several options:

  • Saturation Bulk Mailings: These mailings are sent to all mailboxes within a geographic territory. There is no distinction made between residential and business mailboxes. Saturation bulk mailings are a great way to make a sudden impact on a large area.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: Targeted mailings use lists to narrow down your prospects. For instance, you may be interested in sending marketing brochures, postcards or flyers to men and women ages 50 and up. With targeted direct mail, you can do that efficiently.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): EDDM is a newer offering by the U.S. Postal Service that gives you the ability to send direct mail items through a specific postal carrier’s route. The postal carrier simply hands out your materials in every mailbox.

Which solution is right for your tax services company? A Mail Shark account specialist will be pleased to work with you to determine how to best position your business for maximum marketing impact.

Professional Tax Service Mailers

Our talented team of graphic designers is poised to work with you to develop your tax service mailers. This service is completely free to all our Mail Shark customers because we believe you should have a stellar product without exception.

You and your Mail Shark account specialist will determine the best types of tax service mailers for your needs, choosing between our hottest products:

  • Brochures – We have three brochure sizes (Standard, Large, and XL), each of which is suitable to showcase your tax service organization. You can use your tax service brochures to give an overarching idea of what you do for your clients, or you can create ones that highlight a particular service. If you have your own logo and high-quality images, we can use them to personalize your brochures more.
  • Flyers – Have an event? A limited time opportunity? An announcement? Flyers get the attention you want. All flyers that are sent out as part of your marketing program are individually delivered. This means they are not part of a larger packet. Get ready for your phone to ring as soon as your prospective clients receive their flyers!
  • Postcards – A postcard may look like a simple piece of paper, but when it’s made to sell your tax services, it can be a goldmine. Our postcards are all created to be larger than the average-sized postcard, meaning they’ll definitely stand out. Tax service companies like yours can use postcards to build in-bound lead generation and boost profitability.

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