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Direct Mail for Pizza Shops

Gone are the days of not having to aggressively market your pizza shop. There has never been more competition, not only from other pizza shops in town but from all other types of restaurants as well. From subs to burritos, the competition is fierce. The only pizza shops that are extremely successful in today’s competitive market are the ones that understand the importance of marketing. The ones that develop a strategic marketing program and then execute it consistently. The pizzerias that don’t strategically market their businesses simply go out of business. This is the harsh reality. A study from Cornell University shows the number of restaurants failing in the first year is closer to 60 percent.

How can you make your pizza shop successful?

The Mail Shark weekly mailing program is the answer.

The good news is Mail Shark has completely changed the game in the pizza and restaurant marketing world. We give every pizza shop and restaurant owner access to an advertising program that we know works better than anything else available. How do we know this is true? For starters we were recently ranked as the 368th fastest growing company in the US by Inc. 500 Magazine; but most importantly we have doubled and more than tripled the sales for many of our pizza customers as a clear and direct result of our pizza marketing program. Take a look at the testimonials from our customers as proof.

So why does our pizza shop advertising and marketing programs work so well?

Feature: No money up front, no money down, and low weekly payments.

Benefit: Easy on cash flow. We know that cash flow is huge concern for pizza shop owners. Therefore, we designed our program to keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket. We accomplish this with our “no money down” direct mail marketing programs; we then give you the ability to spread out your mailings and your payments creating a plan that fits almost any budget.

Feature: Consistent marketing. With marketing you need to be consistent in order to be successful. Not having a consistent marketing program is one of the number one reasons that pizza shop owners and restaurants fail at marketing.

Benefit: Stay in front of your audience. Our program finally gives the busy pizza shop owner the ability to consistently market their businesses every single week of the year, regardless of how busy they get. Without our pizza shop marketing program this is nearly impossible to accomplish. It is also more than likely that your competition cannot be this consistent. This will allow you to take advantage of their weakness and gain market share. When their advertising falls off yours will continue to get stronger.

Feature: Manageable advertising and marketing. Instead of forcing you to mail out large quantities all at once, which is not in your best interest, we give you the ability to mail out smaller quantities on a weekly basis. Don’t let our competitor’s talk you into mailing the wrong quantities.

Benefit: Don’t get bombarded all at once. Smaller weekly mail drops make it much easier to manage the return. Plus you never have to worry about getting bombarded all at once. Our pizza shop marketing programs delivers a consistent flow of people coming to your business every week of the year. This will make it easier to manage your business and ensures that you can always provide the highest level of customer service.

Feature: Smaller print runs. We print quantities that fulfill your needs, not your printer.

Benefit: Less chance of waste. By giving our customers the ability to print smaller quantities which can be depleted in the short term, they never end up with excess print on the shelf that becomes outdated before they have the chance to use it.

Feature: Strategic mailings combining both frequency & reach. Did you know your response rates increase when you mail to the same people repeatedly? It’s a fact. The Mail Shark has a deep understanding of this and is the reason why we have developed a system that allows you to strategically target your prospective customers multiple times throughout the year which will ultimately get you a better response rate.

Benefit: Reinforcing your name will create brand awareness and in turn will create trust. This trust will ultimately convince your customers to purchase from you and purchase from you more often.

Feature: Fresh & relevant advertising. It’s easy to just rerun your previous advertisement or get stuck in a rut of doing the same marketing piece over and over again, but not with our pizza marketing program. We offer a variety of DIFFERENT, relevant and exciting direct mail pieces.

Benefit: Marketing never gets stale. By mailing multiple different types of direct mail pieces throughout the year, your marketing will never get stale. Our pizza marketing program gives you the ability to constantly reinforce your brand with NEW & FRESH marketing pieces. Not only do we change the actual direct mail pieces that are sent out every 10 weeks but we change the designs and content to ensure your marketing is always current, relevant and exciting.

Feature: Free professional graphic design on every piece.

Benefit: Eye catching designs that make the customer react. One of the keys to being successful with direct mail is the ability to catch the consumer’s attention and get them to look at your advertisement. This can be accomplished by a strategically designed piece done by a professional graphic designer. We include a custom design on every single piece at NO extra cost.

Feature: We develop the strategy, then design, print, and execute our pizza marketing program all under one roof. Your involvement is minimal and really only necessary to approve your artwork and mailing areas.

Benefits: Spend your time on what you do best, running your business! Our turnkey format allows you spend more of your time focusing on other important aspects of your business like food costs, labor costs, customer service, food quality, etc. while we handle your marketing.

Feature: All stand-alone direct mail pieces. One of the quickest ways to diminish your return with direct mail is to hide your message. All of our marketing goes out by itself and is not attached to anything or stuffed in a magazine or envelope like (Clipper Magazine, Penny Saver, Val-Pak, Money Mailer, etc.).

Benefit: Maximum exposure. Your advertisement gets the maximum amount of exposure because your message is not hidden inside another publication. Standalone direct mail will always outperform shared mail. Don’t get us wrong, our marketing programs are not a magic bullet by any means. There is a lot of work that goes into making our programs effective. However, one of the most amazing features of our program is that it is almost completely turnkey. We will handle all of the heavy lifting so that you never get distracted and can focus 100% of your time on what’s most important, which is running your business. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and join the ranks of 100’s of other extremely successful pizza shops by signing onto our program, follow our lead, put our industry knowledge & expertise to work for you and your pizza shop sales will increase. That’s the bottom line. Don’t waste any more time. Contact us today through our website or call us direct at (888) 457-4275 to learn how you can get started with our affordable pizza shop marketing programs today.


What originally attracted us to the Mail Shark was their 52 week mailing program that doesn’t require a big lump sum of cash to get started. Our first year with mail shark we saw nearly a 35% increase in our sales. We are now going on our third year. I like the fact of having one company handle all of our marketing needs on a weekly basis without having me having to micro manage it. Whenever I call with questions or concerns the Mail Shark staff is very friendly and helpful and I truly believe they want to see my business grow. If you have to choose who to use for your Marketing, choose the Mail Shark

George – Freschott Pizza

Ever since we have started using Mail Shark about 4 weeks ago our business has more than doubled. They know our business and they know what we need to do. They said we would get results. However, I never thought we would be at where we are today 4 weeks into our program. The program we are running now is well worth every penny that we are spending on it. In my opinion, if you are not using Mail Shark your business is suffering.


I just wanted to let you know we are VERY IMPRESSED with the results so far! It is incredibly obvious to me where the menus got mailed each week, because we are getting so many phone calls from new customers in that neighborhood! Thanks so much!


I just want to thank you for all you have done! So far we have tripled are business! Mail-shark was the best investment we have ever done. This is my 4th pizza shop that I have opened and my next one I will deff be using ur services…. THANKS AGAIN!

Sean – Bombas

The Mail Shark Program is like finding gold…our business was up 33% and it is a direct result of their program…the customer service is unbelievable. Talking to the other guys in the direct mail business is like talking to the wall.

Anthony – Parma Pizza | York, PA

Mail Shark allows me to focus on what I do best, operating my pizzeria and looking for new opportunities to add more stores. I used to spend hours each week trying to figure out my marketing plan. Now with Mail Shark’s turnkey mailing programs, I can be comfortable knowing that I have a steady diet of great marketing that I do not have to be hands on with every week. It’s great to have a plan with a weekly budget that we can stick with and see great results from!

John – Chicago

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