Direct Mail for Physical Therapists

Whether you own a physical therapy clinic or are a solo physical therapist, you know the competition for clients can be fierce. To keep you and your company in the spotlight, you need a direct mail marketing program that works without needing too much of your attention.

At Mail Shark, we offer turnkey marketing solutions including proven consistent direct mail services. All design, printing, and mailing of your direct mail pieces happens in-house at our facility, allowing you to focus on serving your clientele.

Learn more about direct mail for physical therapy professionals by filling the contact form on this page. You can also request some samples of our high-quality direct mail items, including brochures, flyers, and postcards. We look forward to working with you to improve the predictability of your marketing program.

Getting in Front of Prospects Through Their Mailboxes

You and your colleagues can’t spend your time going door-to-door in search of people who might need physical therapy. It would simply be too time-consuming. With direct mail, you can let the United States Postal Service do all the work on your behalf!

Consistent mailings to your target market will enable you to get the word out efficiently and cost-effectively about your physical therapy offerings. Make sure you and your business become a household name with expertly-designed and developed direct mail.

Choose the Direct Mail Route That Works Best for You

Direct mail isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we offer several methods of getting your information to your potential clients’ mailboxes:

  • Bulk Saturation Mail: This type of direct mail service sends a specific number of your marketing pieces to all addresses in a predefined geographic area. There is no distinction made between addresses with bulk mail. It’s very cost-effective, although you are unable to target by demographics.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: If you want to target your prospects, we can help you find and purchase lists. These lists include the names and addresses of people who fit specific demographic slices. With targeted direct mail, you can be more selective with your marketing.
  • Every Door Direct Mailing: Also called EDDM, this type of direct mail is perfect if you want to saturate a specific neighborhood. EDDM allows postal carriers to deliver your direct mail pieces to every address on their routes. It’s another affordable solution for your physical therapy direct mail campaign.

Which is right for you? One of our account specialists will be happy to help you answer that question. Just fill out the contact form, and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Pick the Right Type of Mailer for Your Needs

Every physical therapy company or individual is unique. That’s why we offer several types of mailers perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Generate Interest With Large, Full-Color Postcards

Our postcards are different from the very beginning — even before any graphic designing has occurred. They’re larger than the average-sized postcards you typically find in your mailbox, making them stand out beautifully. Choose from one or more of the following postcard types to make your marketing work better for your physical therapy clinic.

  • Oversized Postcards: Our oversized postcards are 5.5″×10.5″, quite a bit larger than the 4″×6″ postcards normally used to attract attention. Our team of more than 30 expert designers will work with you, free of charge, to develop the right look and feel. Plus, your oversized postcard will be sent as a standalone marketing tool, not as part of a packet of other postcards.
  • Jumbo Postcards: There is no missing these 8.5″×10.5″ jumbo postcards. Almost as large as a piece of printer paper, they’re made from heavier card stock. You can choose to put any images or text on your jumbo physical therapy postcards. Having trouble figuring out what you want to say to get the phone to ring or to bring people into your facility? Talk to your Mail Shark account representative for top-notch recommendations.
  • New Mover Postcard: When people make the move into a new area or neighborhood, they are often openly looking for healthcare solutions. Greet your new neighbors with a 6″×9″ new mover postcard. It’s a low-key, yet powerful, way to show that you’re a community leader. Add anything you want to your postcard to the individuals and families who are just starting to explore their new home.

Can a postcard be engaging? It can if you choose an interactive add-on. Two of our most-requested postcard add-ons include:

  • Peel-a-Box: A peel-a-box is a sticker that covers a special deal, offer, or notification. The recipient has to peel off the sticker to find out what’s underneath. Peel-a-box stickers add interaction and build excitement for your postcard recipients.
  • Scratch-Off: Just like lottery tickets, scratch-off elements can be added to an offer, such as a limited time, exclusive deal. Scratch-off add-ons help you create a natural collaboration between you and the people most likely to need your services.

Beautiful Brochures Promote Your Physical Therapy Business

What type of brochure will be perfect for your physical therapy business? We offer several sizes so you can find the right one for your needs:

  • Standard Brochure: Our standard brochure is 8.5″×10.5″, which gives you plenty of room to add specific information about your physical therapy services.
  • Large Brochure: The large brochure is 10.5″×17″, giving you additional real estate to talk about other benefits of your physical therapy practice. You may want to use the additional space to add a limited time offer or discount — or make an important event announcement.
  • XL Brochure: When you want to make a big impression, our 10.5″×21″ XL physical therapy brochure is the right choice. Sizable and bold, it stands out among other brochures. Your prospects can’t help but notice this brochure when they get their mail!

Think you might want brochures in different sizes throughout the lifetime of your direct mail marketing campaign? We will work with you to figure out which ones to send when to send them and to whom. Our goal is for you to have the right mix of brochures and other direct mail items to get your phones ringing.

Interested in seeing the quality of our mailers before you make your decision? No problem! Just request samples, and we’ll send them right to you.

Pay Nothing Up Front, Get All the Benefits of a Stellar Design Team

The Mail Shark formula of direct mail success is simple. We ask for no money up front and offer free designing courtesy of our graphic design team. When you partner with us for physical therapy direct mail solutions, you’ll be able to pay over time. This allows you to see your marketing campaign working — and avoid paying a large amount at once.

Mail Shark physical therapy direct mail is practical and proven. Try us for a better response rate and inbound lead generation.

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