Direct Mail for Mortgage Companies

By all accounts, the housing market in the United States is on the rise. Predictions show that it should continue to grow throughout the coming years, which means more consumers and businesses will be actively seeking mortgages. Additionally, current homeowners, landlords, and property owners are likely to be interested in and open to refinancing opportunities.

This is an incredible advantage for your mortgage company, especially if you’re poised to take on more clients. However, it’s imperative to capture the emerging market before your competitors do with direct mail.

Mail Shark has developed a turnkey marketing program suitable for mortgage companies serious about success. Our marketing campaigns are targeted, consistent and affordable, no matter what your marketing budget may be.

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Direct Mail Can Benefit Your Mortgage Company

Practically every person and organization, has a physical mailbox, which makes mortgage company direct mail a terrific and logical choice for when you want to get ahead and boost incoming leads. Direct mail is essentially your personalized door-to-door sales team, allowing you to focus on what you do best without having to make as many cold calls.

Why do so many mortgage companies prefer direct mail over other types of marketing?

  • Direct mail is targeted. You can highly target your prime audience members with brochures, postcards, and flyers that are written directly for their eyes. Not only does this build an instant relationship between you and potential clients, but it also allows you to be incredibly customized with your content and calls-to-action.
  • Direct mail is trackable. When you work with Mail Shark on a direct mail campaign for your mortgage company, you’ll see trackable returns every time your marketing materials “drop.” Over time, this gives you the ability to have a predictable stream of incoming leads.
  • Direct mail is economical. Because your direct mail includes so many choices, such as saturation bulk mail, Every Door Direct Mail and targeted mailings using specific list sources, you can maximize your marketing budget. Get a bigger boost and enjoy the results.
  • Direct mail encourages brand building. Another beneficial element of mortgage company direct mail is its natural ability to build brand recognition. Perhaps your prospective clients don’t need your services immediately, but they will in the future. By contacting them on a consistent basis, you’re increasing the odds that your mortgage company will be the first they’ll call for information.

Mail Shark Mortgage Company Mailers

Mailers are any type of marketing materials that are directly sent through the U.S. Postal Service to your prospective clients. For most mortgage company providers, we recommend one or more of the following mailer types:

  • Brochures – Brochures can be standard-sized or extremely large. Because brochures are a commonly-used marketing tool, recipients are very open to looking through them and acting on the calls-to-action. You can use your marketing company brochure to spotlight your entire firm or focus on one aspect of what you do.
  • Flyers – Like brochures, flyers can be delivered as standalone items through the mail. They’re very good for making a sudden, bold impact. Many companies find flyers useful in getting prospects to act immediately. Flyers can also be excellent for reminding people of rate changes, mortgage financing opportunities, mortgage-related events and other pertinent items.
  • Postcards – At Mail Shark, we believe postcards are meant to be seen. Each of our postcards come in a size that is larger than a standard postcard:
    • Oversized Postcard – This postcard is 5.5″×10.5″, and it’s the right amount of space for you to introduce yourself to a prospect, talk about a specific service, invite recipients to a special event, remind readers of new laws or opportunities or to present a special offer. We’ll work with you to make sure both sides of your Oversized Postcard are perfectly suited to maximize the impact of your direct mail turnkey marketing solution.
    • Jumbo Postcard – At 8.5″×10.5″, the Jumbo Postcard cannot be missed! It’s very bold and gives you real estate to include more or larger images than an Oversized Postcard. After your prospective clients receive their Jumbo Postcard, they’ll be encouraged to take action and get in touch.

    In addition to our Oversized and Jumbo mortgage company postcards, we also offer specialty postcard types:

    • New Mover Postcard – Are you interested in capturing the new mover market? Even if your new movers just closed on a home or property, that doesn’t mean they aren’t open to buying more real estate or to considering refinancing in the future. New Mover Postcards are 4″×6″ and help you say “hello” in a friendly, brand-building way.
    • Birthday Mailing Postcard – You may want to remind people about new mortgage initiatives and opportunities on their birthdays. Your Mail Shark account specialist can help you uncover direct mail lists that will allow you to say “happy birthday” to prospects.

Would you like to see samples of our brochures, flyers and/or postcards? Just place an online request for samples, and we’ll deliver them to your place of business.

Stop wondering where your next leads are going to come from and start getting the value of a turnkey marketing campaign by partnering with Mail Shark. We require no upfront fees to get started, and we always give you premium, customized marketing materials free as part of your direct mail package.

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