Direct Mail for Law Firms

Consultations from people who are, or may be, in need of legal services, are important to law firms across the country. If you feel like your marketing isn’t generating the quality or quantity of consultations you want from prospective clients, it’s time to try law firm direct mail marketing.

When consistently and appropriately applied, a direct mail marketing system can provide a solid, trackable source of incoming leads for your law firm. At Mail Shark, we are ready to work with you to not only develop a top-notch direct mail system but also to pinpoint exactly to whom you should be marketing your services through the U.S. Postal Service.

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Direct Mail Suitable for All Law Firm Needs

Law firm direct mail allows you to regularly send printed materials such as brochures, flyers, and postcards to the mailboxes of the people most likely to use or need your professional counsel.

The types of direct mail most useful to law firms include:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail: When you choose saturation bulk mail, you can reach every mailbox within a specific geographic radius. Bulk mail is not only inexpensive, but it enables you to make an immediate splash within your community. Law firms can use saturation bulk mail to discuss particular services, showcase new hires, announce office openings and other events, and more.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: Targeted direct mail is more specific than saturation bulk mail. Each marketing material piece is sent to certain addresses of people who fit particular demographic slices. For instance, you may want to reach all the retirees in your geographic territory.

Your Mail Shark account specialist will help undercover and purchase the rights to use a specific list of retirees’ addresses. Then, your marketing items will be systematically and consistently mailed to those home addresses. Although targeted direct mail is more expensive than saturation bulk mail, it gives you the ability to be very personal with your marketing efforts.

  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): EDDM is a relatively new form of direct mail that was started several years ago by the U.S. Postal Service. EDDM is similar to saturation bulk mail, but it’s a bit different. Instead of blanketing a large geographic area, EDDM allows you to cover neighborhoods. Your marketing brochures, postcards, and flyers will be given to a postal carrier, and the postal carrier will insert your materials in each mailbox on their route. If you’re trying to get in front of prospective clientele in targeted neighborhoods, EDDM can be an excellent, prudent choice.

The Best Products for Uncovering New Clients

Brochures Individualized for Your Law Firm

Brochures are an attractive, convenient way for you to showcase your law firm’s history, services, and attorneys. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a mid-sized law firm, you’ll appreciate having an attractive, expertly-created brochure that highlights the best benefits of working with you rather than a competitor.

Our brochures for law firms come in three sizes:

  • Small Brochure: The small brochure is 8.5″ × 10.5″. This is just enough room to give a complete overview of your law firm, such as a small bio of your firm’s history, your practice areas, office locations and contact information. Interested in talking only about one area of law? Use a small brochure as a platform to discuss the benefits of working with your firm.
  • Standard Brochure: Our 10.5″ × 17″ standard brochure is bigger than the small brochure, giving you additional room to include content and images. Not sure what you want to say? Your Mail Shark account specialist can help you create a strong textual presence with specific calls-to-action.
  • XL Brochure: At 10.5″ × 21.5″, the XL brochure is the largest we offer. It not only is quite noticeable as a standalone marketing piece, but it presents the opportunity to go into greater depth about your law firm, legal experiences, attorney profiles and more.

All brochures our team of graphic design specialists make meet the U.S. Postal Service standards for standalone mail. As part of your marketing campaign, your brochures will be mailed to your target audiences on a consistent basis, all from Mail Shark’s headquarters.

Postcards Delivered Right to Your Prospects’ Mailboxes

A postcard is another type of appealing mailer for law firms.

Because our postcards are designed to be bigger than most postcards, they tend to grab attention. In addition, they are always mailed as standalone pieces, further improving the chance that your message will be seen and read upon arrival:

  • Oversized Postcard: At 5.5″ ×10.5″, the oversized postcard is great for giving you just enough room to add a pointed message without looking cluttered. Our graphic design team members can even assist with logo placement and imagery.
  • Jumbo Postcard: Want something a little larger than an oversized postcard? The jumbo postcard is 8.5″ ×10.5″, and it easily attracts tons of attention. With this much real estate, you can say a little more or include more images.
  • New Mover Postcard: Our 4″ ×6″ new mover postcards may work in your favor if you decide to target the newest people or businesses in your service area. New movers are often seeking professional service companies, including law firms.

Our larger postcards give you enough room to alert potential clients about changes in laws, introduce a new service or lawyer, talk about a grand opening, or invite people to a firm-sponsored event. The opportunities for you to generate interest with these types of law firm mailers are excellent.

Not sure what type of law firm direct mail will be best for you? We’re here to help. After you complete the inquiry form, an account specialist will contact you to begin speaking about turnkey marketing solutions.

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