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As a CPA, you’ve spent years honing your abilities so you can professionally help others with their financial needs, such as taxes and financial planning. However, without the right amount of exposure, you may have difficulty building your CPA business to a sustainable level.

Mail Shark offers a turnkey marketing program that includes CPA-specific direct mail pieces. Each piece is designed to be unique to your company, ensuring it has the local focus you need to attract new clientele. Learn more about Mail Shark by connecting with an account specialist today. Simply fill out our online form.

Enjoy Consistent Branding Through CPA Direct Mail

When you partner with Mail Shark, you get the benefit of our years in the industry of direct mail marketing. We’ve streamlined our processes so you can spend more time on developing your skills and working with clients, not worrying about your marketing campaign.

Our process starts with a discussion about the best types of direct mail approaches to meet your sales goals:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail: This type of mail goes to all the mailboxes in a specific delivery area. There is no delineation between residential or business customers. Everyone in the territory gets your message at once, eliminating the need to slowly build brand awareness.
  • EDDM: This stands for Every Door Direct Mail. Like saturation bulk mail, you don’t have to worry about getting mailing addresses when you choose EDDM. With EDDM, you give just enough direct mail items, such as flyers, postcards, and brochures, for a specific postal carrier or carriers. When the postal carrier heads out, they will deliver one of your pieces in each mailbox along the route. It’s a terrific way to saturate a smaller territory, such as a neighborhood.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: If you want a more personalized relationship between you and your prospects, consider targeted direct mail. Targeted direct mail is sent to specific people at their home or business addresses. The people will fit into a pre-arranged demographic, such as single women over 40 or recently retired couples. Targeted direct mail involves purchasing lists, which Mail Shark can do on your behalf.

Regardless of which type of direct mail you choose, Mail Shark will take care of all the design work, printing and mailing from our facility. This allows you to concentrate on talking to the people who respond to your consistent direct mail marketing.

Pick the Best CPA Mailers for Your Marketing Program

Although all our marketing programs at Mail Shark are focused on weekly, consistent delivery of mailed pieces, we customize the experience for every CPA and CPA firm. Your journey with Mail Shark will begin with a discussion of the best types of CPA mailers to attract new customers to your business. In some cases, it may make sense to have all three at different times during the campaign, depending upon your target recipients.

Our CPA mailers include:

  • Postcards: These aren’t your ordinary postcards. Mail Shark only offers postcards in larger-than-standard sizes. Why? It’s simple: You want them to stand out in the mailbox. Each postcard fits within the U.S. Postal Service guidelines for direct mail pieces. They’re big, they’re bold and they’re eye-catching. Plus, because they are sent as single items, they’ll never get lost in a package of postcards.
  • Flyers: Flyers can be hugely successful when you want to send out reminders or quick information, such as a call for people to begin getting their tax information to you ahead of the April 15th deadline. Other uses for CPA flyers can be for open house events, educational seminars, and special offers. Each flyer is custom-crafted to your specifications.
  • BrochuresEvery CPA is different, and every CPA’s marketing objectives are different. That’s why we offer three fantastic sizes of brochures:
    • Standard Brochure: The standard brochure is an 8.5″×10.5″ piece that gives you plenty of room to talk about your most important aspects. Answer the why, where, how and when questions your prospects are likely to ask. The standard brochure is meant to be delivered on its own, not in a packet with other brochures where it could be lost.
    • Large Brochure: Many professionals prefer the 10.5″×17″ large brochure because it gives them the opportunity to say more and includes a greater number of images. If you want to flesh out your services and credentials more than a standard brochure will allow, the large brochure could be the perfect solution.
    • XL Brochure: If you want to make a huge impact on your strongest prospects, it’s hard to make a bigger mark than with this 10.5″×21.5″ XL brochure. You will have all the space you need to describe your services in detail, as well as to add more information, such as important reminders and tax regulation updates.

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